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We've been talking about the nuts and bolts of forming and sustaining community life in the last few issues of Gifts & Tasks. Most of us are involved with community life on the local level, but you have given the International Team responsibility to look after communities on the worldwide level. For those who love acronyms, we're the IO-MLC. We meet each November in Rome to think and plan how to serve you better. Just so you don't think that a trip to Rome is all pleasure and sightseeing, the photo below shows how your team spends much of our time.
2012 IO-MLC work meeting
Susan Vogt, Domingo Fuente SM, Isabel Duarte, Felix Arqueros
Your president, Isabella Moyer, took the photo. We spend a lot of time with earphones intently listening to translators. We actually do TALK directly to each other too. It rained on our pilgrimage day to the Vatican, but we did see the pope - from afar. To learn more about the meeting, click here. Check out
 Summary of the reports from our region.


Its Smarter To Travel In Groups.
Its Smarter To Travel In Groups.

Just for fun, Here's another perspective on why community and working in groups is important.

Susan Vogt
Rep. for N. America, Asia, Australia, Ireland
2012 25th anniversary of MLCs FEATURED COUNTRY - KOREA 


지난 8 15일에 한국... Read more: 한국어  


On Aug. 15, Korea MLCs celebrated their 25th anniversary at the FMI Center. We started in 1987. Now there are approximately 200 Lay Marianists and 22 Lay communities. We celebrated Mass, held a charity bazaar, an exhibition about MLC's material and photos, and enjoyed a concert. Of course, we prayed for the growth of MLCs in Korea, that we may live out the Marianist Charism, and bring justice to the society.

2012 25th Anniversary Mass  

From Oct. 12 to Oct. 14 our leaders joined the 4th NEACFM (North East Asian Council of Family of Mary) at the Marian House of FMI in Tokyo, Japan. This meeting is held biennially between Japan and Korea. All council members of both countries attended. After introductions of each branch (FMI, SM, MLC), we had a frank exchange of views on the Marianist Charism and Spirituality, the Formation of MLCs and the Spirituality of Community. We agreed on the necessity of continuous interchange of our two countries for mutual understanding and goodwill. In 2014 Korea will host the meeting.


On Oct. 14 we celebrated the World Day of Prayer with the presence of many Japanese Marianists. We started with the explanation of the history and background about Togo by Fr. Aoki Isao SM, Japanese Regional Superior. We prayed the rosary and went to the Church of Koka Gakuen's Catholic school next to the Marian House. We celebrated Mass there and then gathered with all members to enjoy a feast of appetizers and dainties at the Marian House. The Japanese novices then performed a wonderful magic show and songs. All Korean members sang a song together in return. We felt like a real family of Marianists. Thanks to our merciful God for everything!
NAM Jung Hyun

On Nov. 4, about 70 Lay Marianists of Seoul renewed their commitment. They joined a renewal retreat program. After that they made a vow on the Bible to vigorously live out the Marianist Charism and Spirituality. Dedicated Lay Marianists renew their commitment every year in Korea.
NAM Jung Hyun (Peter)
National Responsible for S. Korea
PS: Thanks to LEE, Sebastian for translating.




Calvaho, Urania better
Urania Calvaho


The MLCs of English speaking Canada have elected Urania Calvaho as their new National Responsible for English speaking Canada which is centered around the area of Winnipeg, Canada. Welcome Urania.

Val Bergeron


We thank Val Bergeron for her many years of service as the previous National Responsible. Val has been around the MLNNA scene for at least as long as I have which would make it at least six years. Thanks Val for your gracious     and gentle presence.






The "State of Religious Living in the World," often referred to simply as "State," formed in the USA in 1966. It flows from Chaminade's "Etat" which was one of the first groups he founded. Recently the State decided to formally take the name  VISITATION MARIANIST STATE COMMUNITY.  Members of the Visitation State Community take a Vow of Stability. 


Their Oct. 27 naming ceremony included a ritual of pouring clear water into a bowl which then turned blue. This symbolized that the essence of the community stays the same even while the name is new. To learn more about why the name Visitation was chosen and their Common Rule, click here. Find out more about the State at their website or by contacting Beth Garascia.


prayinghands 2 LET US PRAY 
  • For the people of Haiti as they continue to recover from the earthquake both physically and emotionally. We especially pray for our Marianist sisters and brothers still living in Haiti.
  • For the ongoing violence in Congo-Kinshasa that a just peace may be found.
  • For the success of the Assembly of Marianist laity of Madrid, Spain to be held December 6-9, 2012.  



Back: Domingo Fuentes, SM, Isabel Duarte Quapper, Félix Arqueros Pérez. Front: Isabella R. Moyer, Susan Vogt, Ernest Kasongo  
The International Organization of Marianist Lay Communities (IO-MLC) met November 11-13 in Rome. A major part of the meeting was focused on planning for the international meeting which will be held in Lima Peru January 26-Feb. 2, 2014. Delegates will come from every country that has MLCs, Check out the worldwide Directory of Marianist Lay Communities. 


Back: Domingo Fuentes SM (Assessor), Isabel Duarte (Latin America), Felix Arqueros (Europe)
Front: Isabella Moyer (President), Susan Vogt (N. Am. & Asia), Ernest Kasongo-missing from meeting because of Visa problems (Africa)


World Council of the Marianist Family met on November 14-15. Just as the World Council is made up of representatives from the SM, FMI, MLC, and AM (Alliance Mariale), one of the goals of the World Council is to encourage each country in which there is more than one branch of the Marianist Family to form a National Family Council. 

Another project of the World Council is to unite the Marianist Family in praying the Magnificat for justice on Fridays. To support this, we urge all Marianists to subscribe to the free first Friday email prompt, Friday Magnificat. (See below.)

2012 WCMF group  




December 8 

Dec. 8 is the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. In celebrating this feast, we single out Mary among all women for her pivotal role in our story. It is the patronal feast of the Sodality as well as the foundation day of the Bordeaux Sodality. Check out other  December feast days.  

Nassau Community Hoop House Construction
Nassau Community Hoop House Construction
"Mission of Mary Farm" is an urban garden in the city of Dayton, Ohio which is operated by the Nassau/St. Paul & Edgar MLCs. The food grown in the garden is distributed to neighbors at a reduced price to make fresh produce available and affordable in the low income neighborhood of East Dayton.


Read more in 








Via Latina VIA LATINA - Online

The following articles are found in the November #217 issue of Via Latina 22, the newsletter for the General Administration of the Society of Mary.

- Reflection on the XXXIV General Chapter 

- World Day of Marianist Prayer
- Congratulations!  

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