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I hope a restful Spring Break was enjoyed by all.  April is another exciting month with plenty to do; we have much to accomplish before June.  

A couple of friendly reminders now that we have some Spring like weather:
  • Guide your child to layer their clothing and to make appropriate clothing choices each day.  The warmer weather invokes excitement and sometimes premature summer clothing choices.  We spend a good amount of time outdoors & wish our friends comfortable.
  • Morning Student pickup time is 11:55am, afternoon pickup time is 3:15pm; Staff request that you arrive promptly to pick up your child.  This spring weather makes us want to linger; we welcome visitors and encourage friends to mingle (after all, community is what we are about), however we ask that once you arrive to pick up your child that you keep your child with you.  Administration has intentionally planned the half day drop off and pick up so that our school is in compliance with State Standards & Ratios; as well as ensuring the safety of our young friends.  When pick up is not timely our numbers inflate leaving our school in non-compliance, we appreciate your attention to this situation.
  • For safety reasons parents who wish to visit during the mid-day transition are encouraged to use the front playground area rather than the lobby, while maintaining proper supervision over your child(ren).  Our lobby gets quite congested with drop-off, pick up, classroom cleaning and the nap transition.  Please guide your children to make appropriate choices while using our outdoor environment and assist them with clean up when you are ready leave.  
  • Parents who are onsite for lunch cleaning assistance and who also have children with a half day schedule may bring your children to the office to play quietly until you are finished.  We have puzzles, games and books for them to enjoy.  
  • When using the park's parking lot for overflow parking, please use the provided crosswalk (Empire & Roger Smith Ave.) to ensure your's and your child's safety. Use the park's lot in lieu of parking on Empire St. which is a no-parking zone, we have been warned that violators will be ticketed.  If you prefer not to cross the street you are encouraged to use the lot west of our building (Cortez Community Garden driveway).  Please pull off the driveway to allow other cars to pass by.  

April Calendar
  • April 9th: School Pictures with Nicci Crowley, 12pm.  Morning families, please be prepared to stay with your student for up to 20 minutes past dismissal.  Nicci will give priority to half day departing students.   
  • PTO Meets:  Thursday April 14th, 5:30 pm at Beech Campus
  • PTO Presents: Dinner & a Show: Saturday April 18th-See flyer below
  • BOD Meet: Monday, April 20th, 5:00 pm at Beech Campus
  • Annual Children's Festival: Saturday April 25th, 10:00am-2:00pm, Parque da Vida & Cortez Recreation Center.  See below for information.  


Philosophy Corner:

The child is introduced to the Sensorial area of the Montessori classroom after he has worked in practical life, become familiar with classroom rules and correct handling of materials, and is used to the idea of a full cycle of activity. While the sensorial exercises no longer involve familiar objects, they are working with skills the child uses every day- his senses. READ MORE




Sensorial Exercises

PTO Press.....
     Hello Kiva Families!   The Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) is excited for our upcoming PTO meeting Tuesday April 14th @ 5:45 p.m. childcare will be provided.  This year is just flying by!  Only 2 more PTO meetings this school year!   We will be disscussing the upcoming Chlidren's Festival, Adrianne Chalepah's comedy show to benefit the Kiva PTO held at the Sunflower Therater, volunteer efforts/oppertunities, health and wellness and PTO Elections!
      If you haven't purchased your tickets yet to see famous comedian and Kiva mom Adrianne Chalepah on April 18th 7-8 p.m., do it today at   Make it a complete night on the town by enjoying fine dinning at Stonefish, Pepperheads, or Loungin Lizzard and the Kiva PTO will receive 10% of the sales!   For your convenience a Childcare option is also available!  Please call Rebecca at 970-882-3425 for pricing and information.  Please spread the word this is open to everyone and promises to be a fun night!  
       The PTO officers are elected each year in May.  Everyone will have a chance to vote in officers and show your support for the PTO.  We are currently looking for parents who wish to join the PTO in various positions next year.  The positions that will have a returning officer or nomination on the ballot are President, Treasure, Secretary, and Volunteer Director, and Mesa Room Coordinator.  Positions that NEED someone on the ballot are: Vice President, Fundraising Director, Fundraising Co-Chair, Volunteer Co-Chair, Health and Wellness Liason/Co-Chair, Mountain Room Coordinator, Canyon Room Coordinator, Lower Elementry Room Coordinator, and Upper Elementry Room Coordinator.   For mor details on the job roles and expectations of these postions please come to the PTO meeting next week or email for more information.  If you would like to place your name on the ballot for ANY (even the ones with officers returning) please email us at and let us know what you would like to do!  
        We know that not everyone can attend the scheduled PTO meeting time so please email us with any questions or concerns. 

From our Board of Directors.....

Meeting will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month: April 20 from 5:00pm-6:30pm.  Meetings are held at the Beech St. campus, all are welcome to attend. 


As always, your questions, concerns and ideas are important; please come see me.


Alexia Hudson-McGrath
Children's House