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Can you believe it is already November?  This month is another busy one, our events are listed below. 

  • Nov. 6th-School Advisory Committee (SAC)-5:30 pm, Beech St. Campus
  • Nov.10th-Children's House Board of Directors meet-5:30 pm, Beech St. Campus
  • Nov. 13th-Health & Wellness Night at Children's House, 5:30-7:30 pm.  Please RSVP to
  • Nov. 19th-Stone Soup, 11:00 am at Children's House
  • Nov.  21st-No School, District PD Day for all staff
  • Nov. 24th-28th-Thanksgiving Break-No School

Many thanks to all of our parent volunteers who have swooped in and made building repairs, grounds maintenance, have assisted during lunch, presented classrooms with projects and the list goes on.  Your time is invaluable and we want you to know your works are recognized. 


Our October joint Parent Night was well attended, once again thank you to those who made it.  If you missed out, never fear; an outline of the evening's topics is attached for your viewing.  We hope that you will be inspired to attend a future Parent Night, like the one this month!   October Parent Night Summary & Recap



Philosophy Corner:
"Works" Spotlight -Language
Each month we will highlight an area of the classroom to further parental understanding of Montessori Principles & Practices.  This month's area of the classroom is "Math"  Read More

Home Connection
Beginning this month we will provide families with Montessori at home connections.  This month's theme: Graces & Courtesies at Home  Read More and Praise, Stop doing it Read More

Stone Soup, an annual event:


Families, please join us for Stone Soup on Wednesday Nov. 19th at 10:30.  This year we will be joined by our Montessori Elementary Friends.  The lower Elementary Class will be performing their interpretation of Stone Soup for all to enjoy (show starts at 10:30) while the upper Elementary students will assist in the preparation of our feast.  Parent volunteer assistance with chopping and soup preparation is always welcomed and appreciated! 


What is "STONE SOUP"? There are many different interpretations of the folk tale "Stone Soup". We read a version written by Jon J Moth. In this story 3 monks are travelling the countryside when they happen upon a village that has suffered from famine, war, and floods. The villagers are very wary of the strangers. A curious little girl approaches the monks and the story begins. In the end, the villagers and the monks enjoy a glorious feast together that they create when the villagers slowly emerge from their homes with one or two items to contribute to the pot. After every family adds just one item there is eventually a huge pot of food for all to share. As the monks leave the villagers thank them and tell them "with the gifts you have given, we will always have plenty. You have shown us that sharing makes us all richer." This story is wonderful reminder of the true meaning of the holiday season and the idea of giving. We have many conversations around giving, generosity and sharing; how it makes us feel, how it makes others feel, and what it brings into our lives. We will be asking the children to bring in an item, (i.e.: a few carrots, bag of pea pods, a couple of potatoes, garlic, bouillon, meat etc.), for our soup. It's always an adventure to see what is created, and it's always a yummy lesson in community and the spirit of trust and cooperation.  We do not organize what is brought in, we may end up with a brothy potato soup, or a hearty vegetable stew! PLEASE Come join us to celebrate this special event!

November Parent Night presented by Health & Wellness Committee                              


As always, your questions, concerns and ideas are important me; please come see me.


Alexia Hudson-McGrath
Children's House