October 2014 
Fall is in the air and the studio is busier than ever with some great projects in the shop, working with some amazing clients on installations and having fun with the upcoming show AvA!
This was one of those projects where I drew out 5 designs I saw that could work in that space and my client Mr. Tyson choose this one!  It took several attempts, research on hardware, and mock ups until I was happy with the finished look. If you came by the studio and saw a mock up on the wall we worked a long time getting the colors right and having Mr. Tyson over to see the progress.  What a fun project and yes, this design will be seen again!  I love it! 

Through AvA, our pieces will be auctioned to raise money for the non-profit Big Thought.  This is a perfect time to initiate the ARO (Art Reaching Out) program while working with Big Thought's after school "Thriving Minds" group!
Medrano Middle School 6,7 and 8th graders sign up for after school "Thriving Minds" program--they're excited to roll their sleeves up and participate in the AVA project!
This project will bring ARO into action!  Through the process of making this piece, these students will be exposed to role models who have chosen to follow their career and their passion, exposing these students to the trades and involving STEAM lessons through the process. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

The kids will not only help create part of the project, but they will also attend sessions and field trips talking about creative careers in glass, welding, photography, architecture and design.

To learn more: Click Here! 

Benefiting Big Thought, the AVA auction will help children like the students in the story above have the opportunity to participate in educational art programs.

These pictures give you a sense of all of the steps, creative decisions, team work and timing that goes into each piece of glass we make in the studio.

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Close up of the Sky
A closer look at the curving River

CRD Team Feature:
Will Haynes
  Yes! A lot of skill, precision and care go into drilling and polishing the glass both that went into the "River to Sky" instal and the one we are making for AvA at One Arts Plaza!  
  Will Haynes brings 10 years of experience and is a senior glass blower and tech at CRD. He has a big role in the creation of most of the client work and in our workshops.
We're lucky to have someone with Will's experience on board! 

Interested in AVA?

-Mark your calendar for the big party and artwork auction

- Nov 12th

- Benefitting Big Thought

-Visit the AVA website


You can place your bids and buy both the vessel you see us creating left, and the white weave below by coming to the November party. 


Farewell to Chris Hofmann
Wishing best of luck to Chris who has been an awesome member of the CRD team.  He has some commitments back home and chooses to be closer to support his family.  We are looking into having him visit in the future over some long weekends for more classes and community events!  
The team and I will miss Chris and wish him well in his endeavors back home.
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