August, 2014 

Lots of great projects and happenings going on in the CRD studio this month! Let me bring you into a few projects in the shop and I'm also excited to share a one-of-a-kind flying weaving installation that brings a dynamic energy to our client's lobby!  It's all possible thanks to my amazing team and, in this and future newsletters we'll profile each team member so you can get to know them.
Recent Installation
"Flying Weaves" Installation for Staffelbach Architecture Firm


I love working closely with my clients during the early planning stages of a remodeling project and then seeing the finished weaves in the space!


This was extra special because my client and Staffelbach agreed the my piece was to be the focus piece and the design of the lobby would be geared around it!  My idea was upon first impression, the viewer would be drawn onto the watercolor like reflections on the venetian plaster.  Then upon closer observation, they notice the colors are contrived through the woven hanging glass pieces.


I desired the piece to look alive, focusing on the movement between one frame and the next, interesting views from all angles, and a piece that seemed vibrating in color.  

We specified the hanging structural grid above the ceiling and the wires are just suspended through the ceiling sheetrock.


 Glass is so dynamic and a large part of the design process is considering the color and shadow that will be cast on the wall as part of the overall artistic expression.






In Action: Projects in the Studio



Team Building Event at CRD Creates
Mosaic for Dallas-based Company Teaching Trust
We love hosting company offsite team building events and the group from Teaching Trust created one of the most beautiful mosaics we've seen.

Inspired by their logo and using hundreds of glass chips from canes of glass, the team created a large-scale mosaic that will add vibrant color to their lobby where it will hang.

Excited to Share Design and Mock Up
for Hockaday Centennial Sculpture

Many of our projects involve doing several mock ups, and, to the left is a small scale concept mock up for a project we're doing for Hockaday.

This design was created from some of the Hockaday students. 

I worked with the Hockaday students in their math, science, and art classes from the start to the finish of this model.  We talked about area, geometry, lighting, shadows, perspective, and lastly engineering!

Here is the prototype of one of the tetrahedrons (pyramid shape)  Each side is 3' long.  The outside uses recycled
plate glass and streaming along the interior of most of these shapes will be a thread of glass tiles made by each Hockaday student, faculty, as well as staff including the housekeepers!

This is a very special project!

The complexity and variables with such a project require careful planning and this week, we installed a full-scale model (at right), in the actual space
at Hockaday where the final glass artwork will hang.


Glass Blowing Classes

For a fun family outing, gift, date, or creative time with a friend, sign up for glass blowing classes!
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The Team from Staffelback Holds Office Party at CRD
During the party, several of the team members signed up to take glass blowing lessons. I had a chance to talk with the team about our finished pieces and the projects in the shop. It was fun to show them the process and be involved with so many great people.





My carpentry skills at work! :-) Actually the wood frame helps hold the metal frame in place while I weave the glass canes into position with wire. 






We had a lot of fun with light, color and shadow on this project and enjoyed working with Staffelbach's team as well! 








The Teaching Trust team building their mosaic













CRD Team Feature:
We work closely with John Christian Designs 

John, his father "Hollywood" and and Nick make up the metal team.  They are a large part of the  brains, hands and heart of all the metal work that goes into the CRD designs.  

For Hockaday, they are fabricating the aluminum shapes (31).

Besides being an integral part of the CRD team they fabricate all sorts of race cars, motocycles and most designs which require precision welding.  

They are quite the skillful, intelligent, and talented bunch.


The mock up helps us understand its position in the building, aesthetically from the different floors, and also for specific attachments (welded or hardware) per piece.

All of this information will go to our AMAZING engineer Amy Patrick graduate of Hockaday '00.

She will make a computer model of the sculpture and we will make sure the sculpture is Safe and Secure. When a lot of engineers turned down this project because it was 'out of the box,' she came forward excited and with a lot of experience and knowledge to offer! 

 Happily moving forward!!!




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