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December 2013

You have witnessed me chasing my dream, now I am building it!  Right now, I have a world class glass studio in the heart of the Dallas Design District.  My studio is crucial in helping facilitate the making of my own artwork and the growth of my educational outreach initiative Art Reaching Out: ARO.

Art Reaching Out
A Creative Educational Initiative Involving
STEAM: Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math.
Art Reaching Out provides a collaborative multidisciplinary educational experience for young men and women and for at-risk students.

The culmination of this experience is a site specific or large-scale art piece to be shared with the community. These art pieces will reflect the journey of those who created it.
Last year, I began working with my alma mater, The Episcopal School of Dallas.  I worked with all the students on a 6' chandelier.  This year, I am a resident artist at The Hockaday School, working with all the girls on a 3 story site specific art piece in the Arts and Science Centennial Center.  I am also working with at-risk students in various schools.  I have spoken to and worked with The Shelton School, which I attended for a couple of years, which addresses successful and talented students with learning differences.

Every Friday and Saturday night, the studio hosts live shows where the Carlyn Ray Designs' team creates glass for the public!
We also have world class visiting artists scheduled!

My studio doors are open to other schools, non profits and groups to teach glass blowing and work on projects, while both educating and inspiring these students!  As we have just opened our doors, several groups have signed up for studio activities in 2014!

Click the image to support Carlyn and Art Reaching Out
Please take a moment and see what I am creating!

I am doing a fundraiser to raise money to help me continue to reach out to at-risk students, young adults and the public by sharing the beauty in the creative process of working with glass. This Kickstarter will allow me to repay the loan taken to purchase the heart of the studio, the furnace. With this financial help, I will have more time to spend working with kids and sharing with them my passion.

Otherwise, I will have to spend my time working off the loan. Please help and support me to continue to give back to the community and share with them what I love.



Carlyn Ray 

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