Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
March 27,  2015
READING BETWEEN THE LINES...you may have read the headline in Tuesday's Ponca City News about an agreement reached between Continental Carbon and the EPA. There is no doubt that you have followed the saga of this company that began with a labor dispute more than a decade ago and morphed into other things. Tuesday's story outlined the final chapter in this story, including quotes from guvment and company officials, but it did not include two major things you might want to consider. The first is that the Continental Carbon plant employs about 100 people and provides the area with an $18 million economic impact each and every year. Multiply that over the, say, 13 years of this whole "conversation" and you get a total economic impact of $234 million even while the finger wagging was going on. The second thing really boils down to one word...commitment. The settlement reached has the company putting millions into the local plant. That is the very definition of commitment. So take that $18 million per year and watch that roll out into the future and you have a vital economic engine for Ponca City. That's why you may have heard a rather, $18 million per year sized sigh of relief coming from PCDA this week that this whole legal thing is finally over.


Friday, March 27: Ponca Politics at City Hall, Noon to 1:00 pm.   

Sat, March 28:  YMCA Inside Triathalon.  For more info, call 765-5417.

Thurs, April 9: PCDA Regular Board Meeting, Chamber Conference Room at 7:30 am.

Sat, April 11:  Ponca City City-Wide Garage Sales.  

Thurs, April 30: Small Business Day at Pioneer Tech 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  To register, call 580-718 -4222.  More info below.   

HERE THEY COME TO SAVE THE DAY...it went viral and you may have seen it but it bears repeating. A group of six years olds in a Daisy Scout Troop from East Ponca City (okay...Tulsa) went to the White House to demonstrate their page turning invention. This was part of a Junior First Lego team, which came out of the First Robotics program. You may remember First Robotics because Po High featured the first (and for several years only) First Robotics Teams in the state until everyone else woke up. Anyway, the girls call themselves the "Mighty Girls" and in keeping with this well-deserved name, they wore their capes in to meet the President and show off their invention. They designed and built a device that helps people with different abilities (we used to use the term disabilities) who have difficulty turning the pages of books (we used to call them "books"). It uses rubber Lego tires to grab and turn the pages. One of the mini-heroes had a grandmother who had difficulty turning pages so the girls went to work. Apparently no one told them the myth that girls are not supposed to be good at science, math and engineering.  After this achievement, perhaps no one ever will.

THIS WEEK...Had its ups and downs to be sure. You may have heard about some local companies in the oil business that had lay-offs as a result of the price of oil (a "down"). You may have heard about the settlement in the Continental Carbon issue (an "up," see story below). There were also companies continuing to hire (expand...that's an up) which goes to the whole thing that if you're in oil right now, you're down. If you're not in oil, you're up. It's obviously not that simple but that's the norm. You might think that the folks that get laid off in the oil industry should just move right into the other available jobs. Nice try. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. We've talked about aligning skills with open jobs and suffice it to say that this is a big part of that. There are also those who believe they will be recalled once oil rebounds. Here's hoping. In order to continue the whole industrial diversification process that started in Ponca City in the 1990's, PCDA spent some time this week reaching out to business services companies and other manufacturers that might want a new building or location for a variety of reasons. This is like police work without the danger or the guns. It takes a lot of looking around, a lot of talking to people, a lot of investigating and a lot of shoe leather until the match is made. Slogging is what PCDA does best and let the slogging continue.  

SMALL BUSINESS MONTH......is heading Ponca City's way on April 30th at Pioneer Technology in the Seminar Center.  Topics this year include SBA Loan Programs and Commercial Bank lending criteria and Government Contracting.  Always wanted to ask a banker or lender questions but never wanted to actually go through the lending process to find out?  Well, here's your chance.  The afternoon session will be about federal contracting opportunities with SBA, Bureau of Indian Affairs and others.  Questions?  We got answers.  The lenders will be available during lunchtime to speak with participants one-on-one.  And the cost?  Did we mention the program is free? Lunch is available for purchase in the Pioneer Tech Cafeteria or feel free to brown bag it.  For more information or to register, call Diane at 580-718-4222.  See you there.

STEPPING UP...Doing great things and being recognized does help with economic development. PCDA was thrilled to learn this week that the Po-High High Steppers won four national championships at a national competition in Texas.  This puts Ponca City in a very favorable spotlight and highlights the quality of students (and their parents) and schools in Ponca City. 


        JOBS, JOBS, JOBS

Are you looking for a job in Ponca City?  Perhaps a friend or loved one is in need of a position?  Here are some that might help. Inventory Control, Sanitation Supervisor, Business Outreach Manager, Safety Director and some part time positions as well.  And that isn't all.  The Workforce Office as well as our local Temporary offices TPI, PSI and Express have job openings.   


Head over to Poncaworks.com,  check out the complete job descriptions and send anyone you know who might be interested to visit the site and apply!  There is also great inside sales position available currently that is not posted, so if someone with sales experience is looking for a new opportunity, please let us know! Sarah- slinn@goponca.com., 580-765-7070.  


                            Ponca City has jobs.  Now we just need you.   

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Windows are in and bricks have been delivered.  Did we mention these houses will be totally brick covered?  These affordable houses are eligible for the City's Home Buyer Assistance Program.  If you are a first time home buyer in Ponca City, check out this program here.
Apparently PCDA Staff and Board Members have started a selfie tradition when attending events.  Staff and Board Members as well as Ponca City Main Street and Tourism were spotted selfie-ing with President Boren at the University of Oklahoma's Placemaking Conference this week.