Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
March 13, 2015

WELCOME TO FRIDAY THE 13TH...it caps a busy week in the Ponca City economy. There wasn't much change in the oil and gas world but the 60% of the local economy that is not oil and gas continues to expand, probably because they are not sending as much money to the oil and gas side. Economics being the science of the allocation of scarce resources and all, that seems to make sense on a Friday. PCDA met seriously with one company about an expansion this week, talked to another as a follow-up to a cool expansion project, tried to talk to a third, but they were too busy expanding, and checked in with three other local industries regarding their businesses. We also responded to one new lead, a project we do not know a lot about and probably do not have what the company wants but it would have been a sure "no" if we did not try. We were at a job fair in another state, down at the Capitol (see below) checking in with our partners in various ways and getting direction from the PCDA Board of Trustees.



Tues, March 17:  Dorada Job Fair at Pioneer Tech Center, 9:00 am to noon.  Come ready to fill out applications and interview.

Tues, March 24: Business After Hours
hosted at RCB Bank at Highland & 14th location, 5-7 pm.

Thurs, March 26: Customer Service PRIDE Training in the Chamber Conference Room. Call 765-4400 to register.

Friday, March 27: Ponca Politics at City Hall, Noon to 1:00 pm.    

THE PCDA BOARD OF TRUSTEES...met yesterday and handled a lot of business,  including newest Trustee Nancy Rathbun handling the important task of teaching Hizzoner Mayor Nicholson how to properly do a high five, (fingers together). With that accomplished, the Trustees then grilled the staff on an issue and deferred action on that business because they just were not getting the answers they needed/wanted to their questions. You'll read about that in the Ponca City News but we simply can't wait to tell you that they heard that PCDA talked to 21 new companies in February. Nor can we resist reporting that there were 141 contacts with local Ponca City companies, six with site consultants, 30 with our partners who do so much, ask so little, and generally make us look good, and 31 with those zany, crazy folks in guvment. At the end of the month, short as February is, there were 13 active economic development projects with a potential job count of 628 jobs. February tends to be a bust month in economic development as companies in snow bound areas use their indoor time to think about their future and companies in places with perfect weather, such as Ponca City, just continue to...you get the idea.       

THE GUV SAYS "HEY"...PCDA was at the state Capitol on Wednesday for Economic Development Day, meeting with Governor Fallin, Kay County's Vaughan, Fields and Pfieffer, and others. Big PCDA guns were brought into play in the persons of PCDA Chair Kelly Johnson and Trustee Natalie Fraser. Here's why: You likely know that the state is trying to plug a $611 million hole. You're also smart enough to realize that means that everyone is throwing each other under the bus to get "their" share of the pie, or preserve their share of the pie. No doubt you know that economic development incentives are a big part of the conversation. Here is what you may not know. The way the state budget discussions are structured, the budgeters simply assume that all jobs created through the use of economic development incentives would have been created here anyway, so the money is nothing more than an expense. That makes it look like there is a big pot of money that can be diverted. Only on paper, not in the real world. Economic development incentives are "but for" line items that would significantly impact available revenues if they went away. The issue is a lot more than just deciding whether or not to put gas in the car or change the oil. What it really comes down to is do you have a car (tax revenue) in the first place? No doubt the legislators have a challenge because obviously the services paid for including education, public safety and, yes, future state revenues though economic growth require investments. PCDA's role on Wednesday was not to tell them what to do, there are plenty of helpful people doing that. Our goal was to help them understand how it all fits together so that five years from now there is money for education, public safety and so forth.

USING RESOURCES......is sometimes easier
said than done.  One of the reasons it is difficult to use already available resources in any community is because you can't find them when you need them (or when your family or friends need them).  And where we talk "resources" think community and family support such as childcare, education, employment assistance, support groups, transportation, etc....  Smart Start Kay County, along with their partners, have come to the rescue and collated all these resources and more into an easy to use booklet.  Pick one up at the library, at the United Way Office, PCDA office, Chamber of Commerce and many other resource type locations around Ponca City.  Want to look like a superhero to your clients and customers?  Have a couple of these books around as reference guides for your employees to use to answer these types of questions.

This week, PoncaWorks took Kansas by storm, heading up to Wichita to a career fair held at McConnell Air Force Base.  After talking up Ponca City job opportunities and handing out some ever-popular Head Country samples, we headed back to Oklahoma with some good contacts- both possible employees and Military employment coordinators who can help publicize positions!  We will also be headed to Fort Sill later in the month with the same goals in mind.


There are around five awesome professional-level positions on PoncaWorks currently, including safety, sanitation, sales and facility management.  I hope you'll check it out and send anyone you know who might be interested to visit the site and apply!  There is also great inside sales position available currently that is not posted, so if someone with sales experience is looking for a new opportunity, please let us know! Sarah- slinn@goponca.com., 580-765-7070.  


                            Ponca City has jobs.  Now we just need you.   

In Ponca City this week......
PCDA Staff This Week.....

Sticks in the air are a lovely sight at the new site of 10 houses being built at the corner of Highland & Hazel.  These affordable houses are eligible for the City's Home Buyer Assistance Program.  If you are a first time home buyer in Ponca City, check out this program here.
PCDA Staff and Board Members were at the State Capitol on what turned out to be Ponca City at the Capital Day (otherwise known as Economic Development Day).  Selfies and group pictures were taken all over the capital including this one at the Reception.