Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
January 30, 2015

THIS WEEK...Don't look now but we are one full rotation of the earth from February. Time flies when you're having fun. Fun for PCDA was talking to two new companies this week about the oh-so-special opportunities in PC America. Fun is also meeting, and we mean seriously meeting by sitting down over a big wooden table and looking each other in the eye, with four existing companies about things that could/should/ result in job growth. We stretched out our loving arms to four different site consultants this week as well, whispering sweet nothings in their ears about the Sykes building. We followed this by making the same come hither approach to 11 out-of-state companies about the Sykes building. There was the potential commencement of round two of Lighten the Load, the award winning (we can really say that) program to make Ponca City companies the most energy efficient facilities in the known universe, or at least some of it. There was guvment follow-up to our visit to Washington DC last week, a tour of a completed structure which is cool but quiet, and two chamber banquets. PCDA was at the Blackwell Chamber Banquet on Monday night and at the Ponca City banquet last night. Since we love to eat, we also took in the Training and Industry breakfast this morning at Pioneer Technology center featuring an informative (we hope) if not long winded diatribe about wind energy from the former Chairman of the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council. 



Sat, Feb 7: Father/ Daughter Dance benefiting the Opportunity Center.  Call 580.765.6782 for ticket and Information.

Thurs, Feb. 12: PCDA Regular Board Meeting, 7:30 am in the Chamber Conference Room.

Thurs, Feb 12:  PRIDE Customer Service Trning 11:00 am at the Chamber office. 765.4400 to register

Tues, Feb 24: Business After Hours at Osage Casino - All Ponca City Chamber Members Welcome 

INDUSTRY OF THE YEAR...last night's Chamber Banquet had several people honored for lots of nice things. Our favorite is always the Industry of the Year. Screams cool and sexy doesn't it? We were also pleased once again with the Citizen of the Year award which went to PCDA alum Lee Evans. The reason we like the Industry of the Year award so much is because they produce the paychecks which provide the money, which buys the groceries, the appliances, the taxes, the stuff and next year's chamber banquet tickets. Last night was certainly no exception. Consolidated Oil Wells Services (don't call them Cows) was honored because, let's see, a) they completed and opened a multimillion dollar facility in Ponca City in 2014; b) they transferred several company operations here last year; c) they employed over 100 people at very good wages; and d) played a huge role in carving out America's energy independent future which was a huge national and international story last year. Not a bad year's worth of work. Company President Steve Stanfield (on the right) and District Manager Tom Batt, (yep...on the left) were on hand to receive the award and get the thanks of the community.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAKE A SURVEY???...The City of Ponca City has sent out a survey and they need your help. The survey is trying to figure out the internet habits of all of us in Ponca City. No, not those habits. It's asking questions like internet speed, would you like it to be faster and other technical stuff. PCDA is asking people to complete this survey for two reasons. The first is that PCDA is a public trust of the City of Ponca City. That means, in the poetic language of the legal system, that we are supposed to "benefit the beneficiary." The beneficiary in this case is the City of Ponca City and the benefits are whatever the city says they are (we're flexible like that). The second reason is that PCDA knows that the better the internet service, the stronger the economy will be. Information is a tool to a strong economy so please visit www.poncacityfiber.com like, now, and take the very short survey. 

Bliss Industries' Paul Gill, Rick Bliss presented Bellmon Award by Laurence Beliel. 
an award winning program and the companies participating in the Lighten the Load Program. In October of 2014, Ponca City was honored to receive the Henry Bellmon Sustainability Award for Responsible Economic Growth for the Lighten the Load Program.  This program, working with OMPA, PCUA, local industries, First National Bank and PCDA, works with companies wanting to install new lighting. Lighting audits, equipment costs and installation are part of the process and Ponca City is proud to share this award with our 12 participating companies.  Round Two of the Lighten the Load program is getting ready to kick off.  There are still energy rebates available for companies (or any facility with a lot of lights) participating in this type of energy/cost savings.  Congrats to our Ponca City Companies for Participating.  January Company is Bliss Industries.  Read more about the company here......


Ponca City employers:  Many of you would agree that hiring military veterans for your business is a win-win.  By hiring from this candidate pool, veterans can be a huge asset for you as employers, and they in turn get a great job in our community- and we are all about bringing more valuable people to our community, right?  We at PoncaWorks attend different military hiring events throughout the year, and would like to invite you to get involved with us.  If you or someone in your office is interested in attending one of these events, we would love to have Ponca City employers there to be able to speak directly to great employee prospects.  PoncaWorks can also represent your company if you are hiring, and inform seekers of your opportunities if you are unable to attend.  For  more information about upcoming military hiring events, please contact Sarah at 580-765-7070 or slinn@goponca.com!  



                            Ponca City has jobs.  Now we just need you.   
In Ponca City this week......

PCDA Staff this week.....

Companies in Ponca City continue to move product like these valves spotted by an almost completed construction project.  Some objects may appear smaller than they really are, especially in pictures.

PCDA Staff were out this week checking out old buildings as well as news buildings like MJ&H Fabrication's new manufacturing and office area.  We do love seeing new buildings going up.