Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
January 23, 2015
The End of One and the Beginning of Another....calendar year, that is, at PCDA. Staff has been busy finishing up wonderfully interesting stuff like W2's, 1099's and of course, quarterly tax reports. Did we hear you say you would like to hear more about this??? We didn't think so. So, 2014 is in the books at PCDA, financially speaking, and we're moving on to 2015. We are working on getting some new reports done on Ponca City including an economic impact study, a workforce study and an annual forecast. These reports help PCDA decipher the impact a certain project or lead might have on Ponca City, as well as what needs may arise, workforce speaking, in the coming few years. Very interesting information, if you like interesting information. If you like activity information, there were the usual meetings with companies this week, including trying to get the former Connie Lou building completed, which LOG10 is doing on it's own.



Mon. Jan 26: PCDA briefs the City Commission.    


Thurs, Jan 29: Ponca City Chamber Banquet. 

Your chance to attend has past as all 462 tickets have been sold. 

Thurs, Feb. 12: PCDA Regular Board Meeting, 7:30 am in the Chamber Conference Room. 

MR. JOHNSON GOES TO "THE HILL"...PCDA was on "The Hill" this week. Bear with us a moment while we explain to our friends from Texas that "The Hill" refers to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. That's where the President and Congress are. Not in Austin. Please take notes. Anyway, PCDA Chairman Kelly Johnson and a PCDA staffer met with Oklahoma's Senators and Congress people this week on a variety of issues from the price of oil, to energy policy to specific company issues, to the overall economy to workforce, workforce and workforce. See the picture below of Chairman Johnson making super nice with Senator Lanksford by presenting him with a replica of the Pioneer Woman' statuette to sit on his desk and stare at him to remind him who loves him.  You may, however, ask yourself why PCDA needs to even go to The Hill when our elected officials live in this state and come back often. Good question. They do. Their capitol staffers, however, rarely get back to Oklahoma.  Hill staffers  help take the information provided by their in-state counterparts and play a major role in shaping the policy agenda. If we are not back there from time to time to assist the people shaping public policy, the only people the Capitol Hill people will hear from are lobbyists. You may also be asking yourself, "But lobbyists are all noble and care only for the common good." If you asked that question, we have one question for you: How is the weather in Texas today?

JUST SO YOU KNOW...January is the month when PCDA goes back to all of the companies with whom we have made economic development deals to see if they are doing what they said they would do. Wasn't it PCDA that said "Trust but Verify?" Companies send us in official guvment documentation to prove they have met their obligations. We check that an on the ground reality check to either verify or disagree. We tell you this because you may hear from time to time that companies getting incentives elsewhere do not always do what they say they are going to do. That has not been a real problem in Ponca City for two reasons. The first is that we like to do "performance-based" incentives where you don't get until you do; and B) the agreements that are not performance-based are usually with Ponca City companies that have a long history here. We have had companies that have paid back incentives when they didn't hit their mark, some that have not hit their requirements and did not get the incentive, but most have delivered far more jobs than the original agreement. We tell you this for the same reason the Seattle Seahawks will tell you that their footballs are properly inflated. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things and most people, we humbly suggest PCDA among them, do things the right way. 

Library Computer Room 
job skills, resumes and recruiting friends and family to Ponca City.  You might hear PCDA staff on the radio from time to time talking about Live, Work and Play in Ponca City.  Said staff would like to take this opportunity to give you some ammunition when talking to those family members not currently living the fabulous Ponca CIty lifestyle or when you connect with friends expressing their discontent with living somewhere that is not Ponca City.  The Workforce office at 1201 W. Grand is a great resource for available jobs and training possibilities.  Ziprecruiter.com has many of the currently open Ponca CIty jobs listed and is linked up to our PoncaWorks program, so go check that out.  There is a great resource that many people do not take advantage of in our fair town and that is the Ponca City Library.  The Library has online tutorials for resume writing, interviewing and cover letters as well as a great computer room (with printers) that can be accessed with, wait for it, just your library card!  This is also good to know if one or more of your electronic devices is on the fritz and a backup computer is needed.  Please take note of all of our Ponca City advantages and don't forget to mention, "oh, and we have free citywide WiFi" for the clincher.  If you need visual assistance, go check out the Live, Work, Play Video at GoPonca.com for your viewing pleasure. 


This week, PoncaWorks has been hitting the streets visiting with many employers in the Ponca City area.  We are asking employers to complete a workforce projection survey for now until December 2017 to give us an idea of what their workforce needs might be over the next three years (key word here is might- none of us really know what the future holds.  And if you do, we need to visit the casino together...).  This survey will help us try to be ahead of the curve in case of significant planned workforce changes or adapt if there are workforce needs we aren't currently addressing.  Sarah has had a great time catching up with some of the employers she already knew, and meeting some new contacts in industry, and we are hopeful the survey and PoncaWorks will become more and more helpful as time goes on and we develop methods to address employers' workforce needs!

                            Ponca City has jobs.  Now we just need you.   
In Ponca City this week......

PCDA Staff this week.....

Construction continues in the AIP and around town.   New pictures from MJ&H Manufacturing as they put the concrete down for their office area.  The part of the building you can see is where the manufacturing magic happens. 
PCDA Staff and Board Chairman Kelly Johnson headed to Washington DC to meet with our esteemed Gov'ment Representatives.  Chairman Johnson is presenting Senator Lankford with a Pioneer Woman statuette.