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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE
December 19,2014

Ponca in 2014

(sung to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)




You know Schlot-sky's and Mar-cos

And south sewer fix-es


Smith Bits, Dor-a-da

And Phil-lips with Six-es


But do you re-call

What this past year brought to us all?




Verse One

Pon-ca in 20-14

Had a year of ebbs and flows

And if you need to rate it

It was stead-ee as she goes


Most of the num-bers point up

But no ma-jor feats of glee

Some bumps and fal-ling oil

Stirred-up the e-con-o-mee



Big ex-pan-sions-some new friends

Log-10 came to town

Pon-ca with your fu-ture near

Won't you guide more peo-ple here?


Then ev-ree-one dis-covers

All the opp-or-tun-i-ty

Pon-ca in 20-15

Start a great new his-tor-ee


Verse two

Pon-ca in 20-14

Had some jobs that went un-filled

Show up and pass a drug test

Wa-ges jump if you are skilled


Hou-sing is com-ing next year

Will it be en-ough for growth?

A mo-vie house would sure help

Who knows may-be we'll get both



Big ex-pan-sions-some new friends

Buil-dings rose and fell

Pon-ca with your fu-ture near

Won't you guide more peo-ple here?


That will make growth a staple

Into Per-pet-tu-it-ee

Pon-ca in 20-15

Launch a brand new leg-a-cee


Verse three

Pon-ca in 20-14

Hap-py like that guy Phar-ell

Our smile would be bright-er

At- Eigh-ty dol-lars a bar-rel


Pon-ca in 20-14

Ad-ded jobs and kept the pace

Home to your friends and fam-ily

A-safe- se-cure-pro-gres-sive-place



Big ex-pansions-some new friends

Wild-Cats Be-lieved

Ponca with your fu-ture near

Won't you guide more peo-ple here?


Hope you en-joy your Christ-mas

Have your-self a mer-ry day

Best wi-shes for the New Year

From us at P-C-D-A!   



PCDA office closed December 25 and 26th.
Weekly Update returns in 2015.    

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