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January 9, 2015

THIS WEEK IN PCA...Ponca City America welcomed 2015 in a business as usual fashion. There is some fallout locally from lowering oil prices but so far not too bad (unless it's you doing the falling out). To minimize this, PCDA was all over the industrial park this week checking in with employers and several of our partners. Those non-oil companies continue to ramp up as lower oil prices help the rest of the economy. We were in three such companies this week, two bringing new equipment in and one trying to figure out how to manage new opportunities. We also had demand this week for more up-to-date demographics to help small businesses and that's very much in the PCDA wheelhouse. The quarterly cost of living survey is going on this week so if you see PCDA in a local store with a clipboard, say hello and shop local. There was a lot of prep work this week for things taking place over the next couple of weeks. January is busy and while PCDA tried over the holidays to get most of this prep work done, let's get real.   



Tues, Jan 13: Dorada Foods Hiring Event

at  Pioneer Tech in the Seminar Center,1:00 - 7:00 pm. See below for info.   


Thurs, Jan 15:  NOWIB Meeting at Pioneer Technology Center, Video conference 10:00 to Noon.  See story below for info.  


Sat, Jan 17: Kaw Lake Ultimate Eagle Watch at  Kaw City Community Cntr. http://on.fb.me/1sdHci5 


Thurs, Jan 29: Ponca City Chamber Banquet. 

Get your tickets now in the Chamber office.


REPORT CARD...In the January Chamber of Comments newsletter, PCDA has added an insertion. That insertion is our report card to the community, our annual report if you're a one percenter, that allows the shareholders (everyone) to see what PCDA has done and is doing with the public's money. Frankly, it's a dull romp through a fiscal year, (we know that sounds exciting) and the format never changes. It doesn't change in order to give the owners a chance to compare apples to apples without having to navigate around fancy big city graphics. The report card includes the number of jobs PCDA was involved in during the July to June year, the fiscal side, highlights, and a history of job numbers. We use jobs because that has been the standard for years (see every election "we need jobs"). We also include "benchmarks" to measure the progress of the local economy. These benchmarks use, with one exception, only locally grown data. This is called primary data and we know where it comes from. This contrasts with secondary data, the kind you usually find on the web, which is trend based or, in the case of unemployment rates (the one non-primary data point we use) ratio and trend based. If you did not get your Chamber newsletter for the month and would like a copy of the report card, go to the PCDA website at www.goponca.com (click: demographics, then reports, then 2013-2014 Report Card). 

DECEMBER IN PCA...December in Ponca City America, at least from a PCDA point of view, mirrored 2014. Strong and steady but nothing that's going to make headline writers take notice. As of the end of December, PCDA had 16 active projects going and we were working three leads. One of the leads we're really not working. We looked long and hard at it but what the company wanted, we simply did not have as a community. One of the worst things you can do is promise more than you can deliver so we didn't. The other two are serious leads but keep in mind that every lead starts out as a long shot. Getting leads requires work so to that end, PCDA talked to new companies 22 times during the holidays (and, yes, it was more than a holiday card but we did that too and didn't count that). We also hung out with existing Ponca City companies 91 times in December. There were nine contacts with site consultants, 15 with our regional economic development partners and 21 contacts with those fun loving folks in the guvment. 

GET INVOLVED....with workforce solutions by joining the Northwestern Oklahoma Workforce Board, affectionately known as NOWIB.  Why should you get involved with another group?  Attend one more meeting?  Does your business have employees?  Are you actively involved with finding, retaining and training said employees?  Then this board is a way to get involved with what the State of Oklahoma and the National Association of Workforce Boards can do to help you business do these things.  Expansion?  Your current employees may qualify for some on the job training dollars.  Looking for employees?  Workforce Professionals are present at these meetings and can assist you in finding the right employees.  These are quarterly meetings lasting about two hours and don't be shy about asking questions.  Want more information?  Give Kat a call at 580-765-7070.  We are always looking for new business members.  This board is designed to assist employers and businesses with workforce issues.    Next meeting is Thursday, January 15,  10:00 am at Pioneer Technology Center, Room C101.    
         HIRING EVENT...


Attention: job seekers!  Dorada Foods is holding a hiring event this coming Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 from 1p.m.-7p.m. at Pioneer Technology Center.  They have opportunities including maintenance mechanic, maintenance supervisor, production superintendent, production supervisor, production, sanitation and administration!  They will be hiring on the spot, so come ready to interview and impress! Applicants can pick up an application at the Ponca City Workforce Office on 1201 West Grand.  Please help us spread the word about this event!


There are also some new positions on PoncaWorks.com, so be sure to check it out! Contact Sarah with any questions you have at slinn@goponca.com or 580-765-7070.

Want more information?  Just give Sarah a call at 580-765-7070 or email her at slinn@goponca.com!

                            Ponca has jobs!  We just need the right people to fill them.  
In Ponca City this week......

PCDA Staff this week.....

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PCDA staff and guest spent a thrills-a-minute almost two hours with seven of our favorite people this week: the PCDA Board.  Board meetings are the second Thursday of each month (January's was a VERY early second Thursday).  Join us next month on February 12.  Valentine's Day theme is expected, so wear red to blend in. 
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