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Dec. 12, 2014

MID-DECEMBER...and you would think that people would start slowing down for the holidays. Oh you Grinch-miester, what have you wrought? Ponca City companies were going full bore this week. We know this because we were in their plants (1-2-3-4-...) eight times in the last five days. The skin on the building at MJ&H is going up, Mertz is turning dirt, company "A" is buying another company from outside the area, Log10 is finishing up their internal laboratory, and most are just turning products out the door. From the "friends we will know tomorrow" file, PCDA submitted two proposals this week and made kissy faces at 14 other new companies. We're still waiting on one we made a big "come hither" move to during their site visit late last month. Both of the proposals were long shots, meaning that we did not have exactly what they wanted but we promised them we could get what they wanted. This only works if 1) they believe you and 2) they can't find what they want somewhere else. The "believe" part is sometimes more tricky because it's hard to prove you're as cool as you say and sometimes even harder to prove you are not what others believe you are, (meaning Oklahoma, not Ponca City).



Fri, Dec 13-14: Holiday Happening 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Pioneer Woman, Marland Mansion/ Grand Home & Art Center Open Houses.   

Mon, Dec 22: Santa Buck Giveaway.  Get your Santa Tickets gathered and listen to your favorite Ponca CIty Radio Station at 7:00 pm to hear winning ticket numbers.  

Dec. 25-26: PCDA Offices Closed for Christmas. MERRY CHRISTMAS!   

THAT'S GOOD...ISN'T IT??? may have noticed that gasoline has come down a bunch and oil is selling at ridiculously low prices. There are some people who are so giddy that you would think they were Thunder fans and Kevin Durant had returned to the Thunder line  -up. Perhaps they were also fans who actually believed that the Cowboys won Bedlam with a big play in the last minute (it was filmed on a sound stage...never happened). There are others who are as sad and mystified as a TCU fan after their team won by 52 points yet fell three spots in the rankings. The fact is that lower energy costs are a very mixed bag for Oklahoma. Ponca City's economy has a huge stake in oil and gas production. We mine it and we cook it. Lower prices over a long period of time could mean that people who extract oil might decide to wait on the market, and will therefore not buy that expensive do-hickey made in Ponca City to get that oil. We could, but won't comment on the economics of a refinery which are different from the economics of oil and gas extraction. The real challenge right now is the oil market itself. Oil contracts are generally sold on a relatively short schedule, meaning a couple of months out. That means oil prices are very susceptible to speculation which lends itself to unjustifiable highs and lows since speculators are mucking things up based upon what they believe will happen in the short term. Bottom line: We're in a price drop scenario right now and PCDA does not know where the bottom is or when it will be reached. This is the flip side to the highs of recent years when the high prices were not justified by supply issues. So enjoy the ride when you buy, curse the ride when you get paid, (or don't get paid) and understand that it will even out.

Bar graph and pie chart on tablet pc - Business statistic concept DATA what some PCDA staff are becoming as we get close to the end of 2014.  Why does data start becoming a daily part of life this time every year?  Well, think about it.  Business and companies are doing their 2015 planning.  And what is the best indicator of business?  Data:  sales, employee numbers, hiring, firings, commissions, commerce, supplies, demand....  you see where this is going?  Numbers, data, charts, graphs and Census statistics come into play.  Supply chains, household  numbers, populations, shopping trends and the list goes on and on.  Good thing here at PCDA we love being called data junkies.  Data drives business.  Well good data.  Bad data is just that:  bad.  Now, for our very own donation to the good data in this world, check out the PCDA Report Card for 2013-2014.    
         WHAT WE LEARNED...

Continuing the story of two PCDA staffers and their adventures in Vermilion County, Illinois  What did we learn, you might ask? First, we learned how lucky we are to have Oklahoma's Career and Technical Education system.  Pioneer Tech is a huge asset and is already making great strides in workforce development for our local industries.  Secondly, we learned that we need to get some real facts.  Data.  That terrible word. That wonderful word. PoncaWorks is planning to do a survey with our local employers to see what is coming up for them in the next two years so we, as a community, will be better prepared for future workforce needs.  We promise it won't be too painful for anyone involved.  Thirdly, we learned we have some great opportunities to educate our community on workforce.  This could be students, teachers, parents, grandparents- anyone who will listen, really.  We hope to start educating our community on areas of opportunity for great careers and the pathways to entering these fields.  And now, with all these ideas and agenda items, we had better get to work!   Want more information?  Just give Sarah a call at 580-765-7070 or email her at!

                            Ponca has jobs!  We just need the right people to fill them.  
In Ponca City this week......

PCDA Staff this week.....

Shopping continues in Ponca City.  Take some time (deep breath) and visit a retailer in Ponca City for the first time.  Never shop downtown?  Check out the Merchants on Main Street like Embellished, Callie Jo's, Bag Lady or Beloved for gifts. 
And there were doors!  New doors are ready to be set into place at Log 10.  These truly trump our boring, generic doors that we were putting into place two years ago about this time.  Doors are one of the last things to put in place.  Ribbon cutting anyone?
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