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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
December 5, 2014

THIS WEEK...There were no new leads created by PCDA this week. We do not like to lead our time together with that but it's a fact, Jack. Some weeks are busier than others. We should point out, however, that there are generally very few leads generated between Thanksgiving and New Year so we'll stick with that story. That doesn't mean that business wasn't humming along, however. This week, PCDA got with four local industries on a variety of issues from completing projects to new construction to workforce, etc. We were in Red Rock last night for a public hearing on a matter of importance to ya'll. We were also in Illinois checking on a workforce system set up in a community there that is a truly long term approach to workforce development, (as in where the bodies come from). You'll see the story of the board retreat, below, so we won't stretch that out any further other than to say this takes prep time and some of this week went into that. We did follow-up on a site visit we told you about before Thanksgiving. If you've slept since then, a company came calling and we think we have a pretty good shot, depending upon the competition.  




Fri, Dec. 5: PCDA Board Meeting and Retreat at Pioneer Tech Center.   This will replace the regularly scheduled Dec. board meeting.    

Fri, Dec. 5: Ponca City Holiday Parade.  6 pm along Grand Avenue. Check your watch, that's soon! 

Sat, Dec. 6:  Fly In Breakfast at the Airport, 7:00 to 10:00 am.  

Fri, Dec 12-13: Holiday Happening 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Pioneer Woman, Marland Mansion/ Grand Home & Art Center Open Houses.    

RETREAT...If you heard the church bells ringing at 3:00 or so today that was because the PCDA Board of Trustees, (may they get everything they want for Christmas) wrapped up their board retreat about that time. Board retreats allow the Trustees to sit in a room together, legally, and talk about changes to the local economy, opportunities, PCDA programs, how incredibly insightful the Ponca City News and Mayor Nicholson are and so forth. These things are open to the public so that everyone can hear these conversations. Today's retreat focused on Ponca City as a community and the local economy's role in keeping Ponca City a great community. Ridiculously smart comments were made about what needs to happen going forward as Ponca City builds the post-company town economy and grows our very good looking, super talented population. The board did ask the Executive Director, at one point, to stop sucking up, a comment that the Executive Director noted was both timely and brilliant. The retreat emphasized that economic development happens in a gray world. Things are ever changing, demands are different and every community is different. There is no one right way to do this. Every community has a "sell by" date unless it changes and adapts with the changes in the larger world. Today was all about making sure Ponca City is doing just that, at least from an economic development perspective.   

NIFTY SHADES OF GRAY...One of the exercises held during the retreat today were two case studies for the board to work through. These were opportunities for the board to review past actual leads and put together responses. The idea here was to give Trustees an opportunity to see what companies were asking for, (hint: it's always different) in order to give the board a perspective on what the overall community might need to stay competitive. One of the exercises involved a local company that wanted to expand, here or elsewhere. The second involved three different leads in which board members not only had to respond to the leads, they had to justify why they selected one lead over another. The fun part of an exercise like this is that there are not right and wrong answers. There is only what works, and what doesn't. The exercise concluded with the responses "judged" by a fictitious company comparing other fictitious responses to see who won.

ABOUT THOSE is that time of year again to start thinking about taxes: charities, end of year retirement contributions and if you are so numerically inclined, think about volunteering to assist other with their taxes.  Now, this last month of 2014, is your last opportunity to get those end of the year contributions into your (or spouses) retirement fund, remember those education funds for the kiddos and get those charitable contributions finished up for 2014.  The IRS has a Twitter feed with surprising good ideas and information on it.  If you tweet, check out #IRS or #IRSTaxTip.  For those of us not tweeting, check out for more information or youtube channel for helpful videos on many tax related subjects.  
In Ponca City this week......

PCDA Staff this week.....

 It's a beautiful day in Ponca City.  Thanks to Rich Cantillon for this great pciture of sunrise over City Hall and the Christmas Tree.  Now that is a Christmas Card kind of snapshot. 
PCDA Staffers Laurence Beliel and Sarah Linn getting the 211 on recruiting workforce through internship programs while visiting Danville, Illinois.  Pictured here with a few of the 20 high school interns.
         A TRAVELING WE GO...

PoncaWorks manager Sarah is all over the place trying to learn how to best serve Ponca City through Workforce Development.  This week she was in Vermilion County, Illinois shadowing their Workforce Development Consultant, and learning all about the programs they are utilizing in their school district as well as services they provide their employers.  It was an incredibly educational trip, and Sarah is excited to see how we can 'beg, borrow and steal' some of their programs for our wonderful community.  If you are interested knowing more about workforce development or how you can get involved, just give Sarah a call at 580-765-7070 or email her at!

                            Ponca has jobs!  We just need the right people to fill them.  
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