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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
Nov 21, 2014

THIS WEEK...the economy of Ponca City, not to mention the weather, seemed to line itself up on final approach to the Christmas season. If Santa has an industrial component workshop, it would have looked a lot like Ponca City this week. PCDA visited with four Ponca City companies this week on issues from workforce to new business. We also hosted a company that came to town to kick some tires, (see "site visit" below). If you look down this page at the happy smiling people down on the right, we had two staffers completing an economic development course, (see the other story below, too). On Tuesday, PCDA led an international webinar on the development of energy clusters. This means that the International Economic Development Council, (IEDC) looked around and asked, "who is doing this right?" and everyone told them Ponca City. Yesterday, we joined our partners at Pioneer Tech for a holiday meeting that involved some very fine food, (perks of the job) and then PCDA Chairman Kelly Johnson and another staffer joined the chamber of commerce at their board retreat. While PCDA focuses on specific industry needs, the chamber is the voice of business, taking care of the entire community, not just those who make products in Ponca City's $1 billion manufacturing world. There was also the focus on food this week, (see below, one last time) because it is Thanksgiving next week so everyone has food on the brain. 


Wed, Nov. 26: Festival of Angels - Lights Go On.
Lake Ponca Park 6:00 to 9:00 pm - Family activities

Thurs, Nov.27-28:  Happy Thanksgiving.  PCDA offices closed. Turkey time 

Tue. Dec. 2: 2015 Oklahoma Economic Outlook Conference; OKC. For more info, visit 

Wed, Dec 3: Lender/ Borrower Matchmaking Event at Pioneer Tech.  See Flyer below.   

Fri, Dec. 5: PCDA Board Meeting and Retreat at Pioneer Tech Center.   This will replace the regularly scheduled Dec. board meeting.    

Sat, Dec. 6:  Fly In Breakfast at the Airport, 7:00 to 10:00 am. 

SITE what exactly is a "site visit?" Come closer and we'll explain. When we learn about a company that is looking for a new location, we rush to their side with a "come here often?" line or something to get their attention. That's what we mean when we say we made a proposal. When that line works, they come to town for a visit to look at a site. That's what makes it a "site visit." Clever, eh? So this week, the company in question came to town, looked things over, met some folks, heard some propaganda and went to another town that was also trying to seduce them. No two companies, and no two site visits are the same. They learn about us, we learn about them. They decide if they want to come back. We decide if we want them to come back. It's important to note that PCDA does not decide who gets to come and who doesn't. What we get to decide is whether or not we want to make the push to encourage those companies that would not come here without an incentive or some other form of PCDA help. This week's company falls into this last category. They have a lot of options. Like the vast majority of companies, however, they are not a Fortune 500 with deep, deep pockets nor do they have a customer base that will visit them on a weekly basis to buy their product. So PCDA has to do a lot of background checking, (we usually don't know enough to learn enough before we meet them) to determine if we want them and, if so, what the value to the community is. Let the stalking begin.  

SMARTIE PANTS...if you look down the page on the right, you'll see the smiling face of one good looking person and Laurence. That picture features PCDA's Lori Henderson and Laurence Beliel. Both attended their final session of the University of Oklahoma's Economic Development Institute, (OU/EDI) this week. You might think every state has something similar. You would be wrong. OU/EDI is one of only two in the country recognized by the IEDC. Indeed, folks come from throughout the country to OU/EDI's courses. The curriculum takes about three years to complete and features economic development boot camps to cover a variety of topics from real estate, to finance, to marketing, business retention and expansion, workforce, entrepreneurship and a lot more. When someone completes the OU/EDI course, one is eligible to sit for the two day exam to become a certified economic developer, assuming one meets the other criteria including a minimum number of years in the field and other markers. The important takeaway is that PCDA has probably the best educated economic development staff in Oklahoma, in terms of economic development education and training and we're proud of Lori and even Laurence for this accomplishment.    

ALL THINGS FOOD......related was the topic this week at Tonkawa's Commercial Kitchen and Incubator.  Well, the conversations happened  across the street at the First National Bank but attendees were fed by TS Fork's and Ponca City's own fabulous Chef Jeff and then attendees toured the commercial kitchen.   The commercial kitchen is for lease to anyone needing a licensed kitchen to prep items for sale or consumption.  Chef Jeff uses the kitchen on the weekend to prepare his wonderful meals at TS Fork.  During the week he plans wonderful meals for our school kids in Ponca City as the Director of Child Nutrition at PCPS.   Budding Ponca City restauranteurs (or any foodies in Kay County) are invited to use this facility.  Pricing and user regulations can be found at  The Salt Fork Kitchen  .   What are you waiting for?   
In Ponca City this week......

PCDA Staff this week.....

Ponca City's Paul Schotte with Head Country presented to the REI Sponsored Starting a Food business class in Tonkawa this week.  Here Paul is talking about the importance of Logos and branding.
PCDA Staffers Laurence Beliel and Lori Henderson grin big as they receive their completion certificates for the University of Oklahoma's Economic Development Institute. Congrats and way to go!!! 

This week in the world of PoncaWorks, we are excited about a new tool we are using- ZipRecruiter.  ZipRecruiter will make handling applicants and jobs a smoother, faster process.  All of our jobs will still be listed on, and interested candidates will ZIP over to ZipRecruiter to apply. See what we did there? We will also be listing some jobs in surrounding communities, like Stillwater and Wichita in case there are qualified candidates looking who are interested in relocating. So, if you're so inclined, go visit to see what jobs are currently available and when you find that dream job, visit the link to ZipRecruiter to apply!


Here's a peak of all the jobs currently listed:

                            Ponca has jobs!  We just need the right people to fill them.  
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