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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
Nov 14, 2014
THIS WEEK IN THE BIG PC...We didn't send out any new proposals this week but we did get word that one we sent out very recently worked. That company will come soon to town to kick the tires suggested they kick. This was collaboration week at PCDA with a great deal of time spent with partners. Pioneer Tech had its advisory committee meetings, lots of them by the way, last night and PCDA was there. We also joined our friends at P66 for the Citizen's Advisory Committee yesterday, the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council, Leadership Ponca City, an out of state job fair with one of our companies, eight plant visits, and "several" (shorthand for "a bunch") phone conversations with local companies on several issues. We also met with the City starting with the City Commission on Monday night and continuing through meeting with building and safety people today and most departments in between to go over issues and opportunities that are not secret but way too numerous to go into here (see Wiki: "A bunch"). There was the lunch and learn yesterday, board meetings, job fairs and small business meetings



Wed, Nov. 19: Starting a Food Business at First National Bank in Tonkawa,10:00 to 4:00 pm. Register:

Thurs, Nov.27-28:  Happy Thanksgiving.  PCDA offices closed.  Turkey time 

Wed, Dec 3: Lender/ Borrower Matchmaking Event at Pioneer Tech.  See Flyer below.   

Fri, Dec. 5: PCDA Board Meeting and Retreat at Pioneer Tech Center.   This will replace the regularly scheduled Dec. board meeting.  

FANTASY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT...This time of year everyone is playing it so we'll save you the trouble of checking up on the numbers delivered to the oh-so-intelligent PCDA Board of Trustees yesterday. In the month of October, PCDA had contact with, wait for it, 15 new companies. The scouting report on existing companies resulted from 73 visits with area employers. We'll pause so you can get caught up on your spreadsheet. Contacts with site consultants were called 13 times last month. We did the X's and O's thing with our regional partners 16 times and huddled with our friends in the guvment 15 times. As of yesterday, PCDA had 14 active projects and two active leads with a total job count of 998 new jobs. While the box score on yesterday's meeting has not yet been published in the Ponca City News, you know from Wednesday's paper that the highlights included a discussion about incentives and reports on call trips, awards and the always popular financials

IS THERE AN ECHO???...we mentioned last night's Pioneer Tech Advisory committees where PTC brings in a lot of businesses to hear about their issues. We also mentioned Leadership Ponca City which this week visited several Ponca City employers. The constant theme was workforce issues, both lack thereof and quality. Quality in this sense means people willing to show up, have the right attitude, desire to get trained, etc. This is a misery loves company thing as the issues discussed by all the employers in both settings are reflected throughout the nation. The United States simply has too many people not finishing high school and getting trained or educated. In addition, issues like being too connected (externally) and distracted at work, understanding that you have to work your way up and so forth are challenges in Austin, Silicon Valley, Honolulu, Bangor, Seattle, you get the idea. No community wants to be average but in this respect Ponca City is just that (no worries, that won't go into the four color brochure). The opportunity is to seek ways to become one of the few communities that rises above average.  

null OKLAHOMA HEALTHCARE.... was the subject of discussion yesterday (before the other evening discussions) at Pioneer Technology's Lunch & Learn Q&A session. 12 different areas of SoonerCare and Insure Oklahoma were present.  Topics ranged from durable medical equipment re-use (great program) to medical transport to baby care, by text no less.  Interested in more information? We were as well.  Some programs, like the durable medical equipment program, are available to anyone in the state of Oklahoma to have access to medical equipment.  The Text4 Baby program gives new parents access to information from a free texting service through baby's first year. Did we mention it was free? How does this assist our employers as well as employees?  Making this information on medical services available to your employees shows them you care about their wellness, even if actual health insurance is not feasible in your benefits packages.  Want to see the whole session?  Check it out on for the next 30 days. 
Laurence was visiting QuarterTurn in Houston & they showed him some BIG VALVES!!!
There were lots of industry visits in the world of PoncaWorks this week, and the resonating theme throughout all these visits (many during Ponca City Leadership Industry Day) was how much our local employers truly care about their employees.  Many employers touched on the unique benefits and training opportunities they provide to the people who work for them, and the lengths they will take to ensure that their employees feel heard, happy and fulfilled. We were very impressed with the quality of our local businesses (as always), and want to again remind all the readers out there who bother scrolling clear to the bottom of this PCDA Weekly Update to be an advocate for our local industries.

Talk to those college kids, friends and family members about considering a move to Ponca City. We can't get the word out about all the great things Ponca City has to offer without your help! If you want more information on opportunities, or want us to help convince your kids to move back with those adorable grandkids, call Sarah at 580-765-7070!

                            Ponca has jobs!  We just need the right people to fill them. 
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