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October 24, 2014

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY....  Ponca City is busy!  Not to mention us folks here at PCDA.  The staff have been diligently working on officey-type things like getting a new server up and going, getting rid of some old junk to make way for newer junk, attending some classes and, ya know, helping our local businesses do what they need to do. Our Business Retention and Expansion dude and our PoncaWorks gal are always out and about, checking on our companies and making sure they have what (and who) they need to get bigger and better every day.  As for Ponca City, there is a Wildcat Football game tonite at Sullins Stadium.  We Believe!  And if you're hungry before the game, stop by the Commons at Po-Hi and have yourself a baked potato dinner for $8, all the while supporting your Wildcat Wrestling Takedown Club.  If you've got little ones, take them out to the Marland Childrens Home for their Annual Fall Festival, which has all kinds of stuff for little kids, and a haunted house for the bravest of the brave.  For the older kids, check out the Haunted Trails out by Ponca Lake.  A great end to a very busy week!



Fri, Oct 24: Marland Childrens Home Fall Festival  www.marland  


Wed, Oct 29: WBT Unmanned Aerial Systems conference in Stillwater. Registration 


Thursday, Oct 30: Zombie Walk on Grand at 5:00 at 1st & Grand. PC Zombies 

Thursday, October 30:  Goblins on Grand, 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  Bring the family.

Sat, Nov 8:  - Veterans Day Parade, Downtown Ponca City, Grand Avenue 10:45 a.m

HEALTHCARE QUESTIONS ANSWERED... that made you look, didn't it? Do you have questions about healthcare?  Doesn't everyone, companies included?  Well, this is your lucky day.  The Oklahoma Healthcare Gurus will be in the house on Thursday, November 13th for a Lunch & Learn cosponsored by the PC Chamber, PCDA and PC Healthy Coalition. That is a whole lot of PC and we like it when it supports our Ponca City industry and their employees.  Now if you just looked at your calendar and you can't possibly make that day, the program will be Livestreamed (in real time) and you can text, e-mail or call in any questions you need answered.  Welcome to technology that will actually make your life easier! Sign up for this program by taking this quick survey:  As the name implies, this will be a lunchtime program 11:30 to 1:00 pm at Pioneer Technology Center in the Seminar Room, Thursday November 13th.  Box lunch will be provided.  Mark your calendars and write down those healthcare questions as they come up over the next month. See you live or on Livestream!

FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD...businesses are the topic of discussion coming up on Wednesday, November 19th in Tonkawa.  Do you have a food product needing a commercial kitchen to launch? Possibly, help is needed on packaging, marketing and getting that fabulous food product to market arena.  Well, this is the workshop for you. Happening at First National Bank of Oklahoma, 101 W. Grand in Tonkawa.  Our neighbors to the West have that wonderful commercial kitchen just waiting for you and your great food ideas.   This workshop is presented by the OSU Food & Agriculture Products Center in Stillwater and includes presenters on business development, food production, commercial kitchens and health & safety.  This is a full day of information and along with people for you to ask all those questions running around your brain.  What are you waiting for?  Register online at  Registration fee is $15 and the program is from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  See you by the food.   

JUST GET IT about the lastretail-register-woman.jpg thing you ever want to say around hizzoner Mayor Nicholson (or PCDA for that matter). Now PCDA, we know you know, does not get involved in retail. We do, however, like to read. Earlier this month when PCDA was going to bed, the PCDA Trustees (may their beds always be feather soft) were tucking us in and they read us a bed time story. Much to our delight, the story was a report from the U.S. Department of Commerce about just exactly how much shopping is done online v. bricks and mortar stores. What's your guess, 25%? 30%? Something else? According to USCOM, online represented $263 billion in sales last year. Sounds like a lot until you read further and see that there were over $5.5 trillion in total sales in the U.S. in 2013. That means online only represents six percent of total sales.  For those with math issues, that means 94% of shopping is done in stores; brick and mortar stores; with storefronts; in our town.  Why do we mention shopping?  Well,  gather close children for the second part of storytime:  Christmas is right around the corner and with Christmas comes Shopping Ponca City First!  Now, go enjoy Halloween and start planning those Christmas shopping forays at all our unique and interesting Ponca City shops. 
         BEATING TEXAS....


Internships, Internships, Internships


Sarah with PoncaWorks was in Okmulgee on Tuesday at the OSU-IT career fair talking up Ponca City as a great place for employment once students finish their education.  However, as has been the trend at college career fairs, most students at the event were looking to gain not a job, but an internship that they hope will turn into permanent employment. Many of our area colleges require students to have some form of an internship, and many of those interns get job offers before they even complete their education. SO....local employers, let's jump on the bandwagon! These interning opportunities can be a win-win-win! The student gets some experience, the employer gets a test run of a potentially great employee, and our community gains new young professionals.  So let's get out there and hire some great students before Enid or Bartlesville or (heaven help us) the state of Texas beats us to it!   


Employers, if you want to talk about how to start offering internships, call Sarah at 580-765-7070.


Ponca has jobs!  We just need the right people to fill them.
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