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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
Sept 19, 2014

WHEN NEXT WE will be fall. This last week of summer saw PCDA hemming and hawing about what to do about a couple of large projects. We won't bore you with the details other than to suggest you read the next article. We can tell you that some of these things are like playing Tetris where you try and fit the right shaped peg in the right slot. This is, of course, a metaphor for land use and how to fit certain buildings on certain pieces of land. We know you figured that out but we do have people reading this in Texas so bear with the translation. The workforce shortage things morphed into the housing shortage thing a lot this week as the two meld together like a crayon on a hot sidewalk. One company had "a guy" (consultant) come into town and say that the available jobs were great but where were people going to live? There were also a few cool marketing things that happened this week that will position Ponca City very well. We can't talk about them until the fall actually gets here. Then there was the usual administrative stuff because ya'll are not the only one dealing with guvment regulations.



Sept 26-27: Annual  Standing Bear Pow Wow at Standing Bear Native American Park - Grand Entrance at 7:00 pm.  

Oct. 9th: PCDA Board of Trustees Meeting, 7:30 am Chamber of Commerce.   

Oct 9-10: OEDC Annual Meeting and Conference in Oklahoma City.   

MONTH OF SEPTEMBER Dream Big Oklahoma       see below for details. 

MONTH OF OCTOBER: Walktober is back!  Get your team together and sign up here: Walktober Sign Up  

TRENDS...One of the other things site consultants and others keep telling us (besides the workforce thing) is that companies are trying to get more productive. We said "duh" too, by the way. They also tell us that business goes to where it gets the best return on investment. Ditto with the "duh". Translating this into whatareyougonnadoaboutit, however, is another matter. How does a community encourage a company to make the investment and modernize? ED 101 (the job creation ED not the one with the people in the bath tubs) says that you tie incentives to job creation. It may shock you to learn that companies exist not to create jobs but to create money. Jobs usually help in this but jobs are not the be all and end all like they are for PCDA. In a world that is demanding that companies become more efficient, (the alternative is that inefficient companies close down) modernization does not always mean job growth. Sometimes it means quite the opposite yet sometimes that's the difference between survival and retiring to a bath tub. Maybe that doesn't sound too bad for the CEO but for the rest of us, we kinda like to have companies stick around and invest in Ponca City. With the whole workforce shortage thing, this isn't the problem it once was. How to encourage companies to continue to invest and modernize without the easy link to job creation is something that PCDA and other leading economic development organizations are trying to figure out.

DREAMING part of what makes us Oklahomans.  If you have a great idea, concept or small business that could use an influx of cash, you need to check out the Dream Big Oklahoma contest going on this month until October third.   Kay, Grant, Garfield,  Noble, Kingfisher, Major, Alfalfa, Woods and Woodward counties are part of the Cherokee Strip region.  If you have that next big idea or concept,  this competition could take your dream to the next level.  Here is how it works:  Submit your dreams through the website;  Dreams that meet all the qualifications will be Posted to the website by staff;  Vote on the Dreams through Facebook and the website; The top two teams receiving the most votes will pitch with two other judges picks for the $5,000 prize.  You must be 18 years old and have no more than 20 employees if you are a business owner. Other eligibility requirements can be found on this Dream Big FAQ.  What are you waiting for? See you in your Dreams. 

WORKPLACE WELLNESS...activities are just around the corner in October.  With the season change, you and your co-workers may want to jumpstart your health and wellness activities at work by participating in  Kay County's Walktober. Walktober is a month long (and we use this term loosely) "competition" where workplace teams of four to seven dig out their Fitbits, pedometers or other tracking apps and see which team can walk the furthest.  Hint: the library team is VERY competitive and VERY accurate in their step counts.  So, get your team together, sign up on the Kay County HealthSite and make October your month for walking.  Suggestions for walk times are during breaks, taking 15 minutes at lunch for a stroll and if you have kids, make sure you record those times you chase after them.  All steps count if you are on the team; the trick is to record them all. Bookmark the website after sign-up and let's get to walking.  For those participating in the Healthy Business Certification, a Walktober team gets you a couple of check marks on the applications.  Check out if your business can get a Healthy Business Certification at, but hurry:  Walktober starts in October, but certification closes on September 30th.  Get to walking people; it's for your health.  

Go to the Website. 
To enter for our regional contest, click on "Cherokee Strip".
Call Kat at 580-765-7070 for more details and contest assistance.
            HIRE INTERNS

This week in PoncaWorks, we set off for Oklahoma State University for their engineering, technology and architecture career fair.  Our goal for the event was to put Ponca City on the radar of OSU students looking for internships and careers in the future. Things we learned: 1) Our local businesses may want to consider offering internships as a way to attract talented, intelligent students to their business and Ponca City- often the businesses offer a full-time position following the internship, which is a win-win for the business and the student! 2) Head Country Barbeque sauce was by far the coolest giveaway - we know because we scoped out all the other giveaways. 3) As far as we know, PoncaWorks is the only program in our area working proactively to recruit employees on behalf of multiple industries.  Pretty cool to be the cutting edge, right?


To hear about job opportunities in Ponca City, get on our PoncaWorks email blast list, or refer a friend looking for work, contact Sarah at 580-765-7070 or

Ponca has jobs!  We just need the right people to fill them.
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