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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
Sept 5, 2014

HELP we speak, PCDA is in Iowa talking to people at a job fair about available jobs in Ponca City. We tell you this for three reasons. The first is that you have a right to know what we're doing. The PoncaWorks team on the ground in Iowa is next to a food processing plant that announced a few weeks ago that it will close. For a variety of reasons, we believe that the people who will be soon losing their jobs would be a very good fit for jobs at the Dorada Foods plant. The same Dorada Foods plant that is adding two hundred jobs and needs people. So reason one is helping our industry and, by extension, adding people and jobs to the Ponca City economy. The second reason is to remind you that if you know someone looking for a job, we have them here. Send them to the Workforce Oklahoma office on West Grand. The third reason is to remind us all that plant closures are a regular part of the economic cycle and they happen all over, all the time. When PCDA was in Chicago last week, the site consultants there asked us to let them know if this ever happens again here. This is because their clients like to go to places where skilled people are looking for work. We said we would, and hopefully will never have to, and we did not tell them about the plant closure in Iowa or the plant closure in Tulsa which we visited last week. That's someone else's job.



Sat, Sept 6-7: 40th Annual Arts Festival held at the Arts Center at 8th and Central.    

Sept 9-14:  Kay County Free Fair at the Blackwell Fairgrounds.   

Thurs, Sept 11: PCDA Board Meeting starts at 7:30 am in the Chamber Conference Room.    

Thurs, Sept 11: Childcare Coalition Meeting at Pioneer Technology Center at 11:00 am.  Click here for more information. 

MONTH OF OCTOBER: Walktober is back!  Get your walking team of four together and stay tuned. 

THIS WEEK...So besides today and tomorrow in Iowa, PCDA has been up to our usual tricks this week. There were no new proposals sent out this week but we did tour one company through an existing Ponca City building, extolling the glories of it and Ponca City. We also sat down with four other existing companies on issues ranging from facility improvements to workforce needs to environmental issues to future plans. We received the preliminary report from the independent field audit held on August 15th. We are not allowed to tell you that it came back clean and without any issues. We can't say that until the PCDA Board of Trustees hears from the auditors who will visit with them at next week's PCDA board meeting. Now for the fun part: PCDA also used some of this week to go over outdated personnel policies with an ad hoc committee of PCDA board members. We also got stuff ready for next week's board meeting which will feature, (wait for it) insurance, data bases, the aforementioned audit and reports on call trips, which you already know about, and closed session info which you don't. The fun starts at 7:30 a.m. next Thursday morning at the Chamber Conference Room at the dip in the street in downtown Ponca City.

RUNNING ON FULL...with apologies to Jackson Brown, Oklahoma is not running on empty. Thus was the message from yesterday's state energy conference hosted by Governor Fallin. The state is producing a significant amount of energy, leading to an energy revolution in the United States which has the nation positioned to actually export more energy than we import. Notice we said "position" because there are federal laws that don't necessarily allow that to happen in such a black and white way. One third of Oklahoma's economy comes from the oil and gas industry, roughly the same as the Ponca City economy, so all of this was good news to the state and to Ponca City. PCDA attended the conference and had the chance to talk to two separate companies during the conference, one of whom is already coming to our area and the other who is thinking about coming up for a look.

LET'S TALK... children-playing.jpg about childcare, shall we? A single page childcare survey in English and Spanish was enclosed with the August Ponca City utility bills.  If you filled it out and sent it back in, give yourself a cookie.  If you haven't paid your bill yet, please take a minute and fill out the survey and send it in, or drop it off with your payment.  If you are scratching your head right now and saying "Survey?" "Childcare?" or "Utilities?", we understand.  However, please try to locate that sheet of paper and put some checks on it in the appropriate places and possible put some comments at the bottom about your particular childcare needs or wants.   If you are a childcare provider or thinking about becoming one, please add that information somewhere on the survey as well with your contact information.  This survey will help the local Childcare Coalition group get a better handle on the childcare needs/wants in the Ponca City area.  If you would like to print a copy to send in with your utilities or to drop off at City Hall, click here.  

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          E-MAIL BLAST......   

Did you get the e-mail blast this week?  New jobs were posted to the Ponca Works website and the e-mail blast gives you the skinny on who is hiring for what positions on PoncaWorks.   Want more listings for job openings in the Ponca City area?  Go to and create a resume today so employers can view your skill sets tomorrow.  Do YOU know of anyone wanting to move to Ponca City and looking for employment? Contact Sarah at 580-765-7070 or


Ponca has jobs!  We just need the right people to fill them.
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