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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
August 29, 2014

HAPPY LABOR OF LOVE WEEK...Lots to do this week, getting ready for one of the top holidays of the year, (for economic development people). We got a little ahead of ourselves and started the celebration early with one rather ambitious proposal submitted that is quite the long shot but would be glorious (hint: don't hold your breath). Jumping out of bed each and every day, sometimes on the right side, we also continued our quest to help Ponca City companies fill available jobs and develop new ones. We had boots on the ground in Western Oklahoma, not looking for workforce per se but meeting with companies about what they were doing to meet their workforce needs in smaller areas. We did go hunting for jobs, getting a lease at a job event in Tulsa, meeting with people who might have an interest in moving up the 412 a little for a good opportunity. We continued to monitor the work at Log10 as they get close to getting their internal laboratory finished. There were also calls made on other Ponca City companies about workforce, equipment, facility and certification needs. It was, in summary, a labor of love on this the eve of Labor Day.




Thurs, Aug 28-31: Poncan Pow Wow held at White Eagle Park. Call 580-762-8104.      

Sat, Sept 6-7: 40th Annual Arts Festival held at the Arts Center at 8th and Central.   

 MONTH OF AUGUST:  Please check your Ponca City Utility Bills for a short Childcare Survey.    

MONTH OF OCTOBER: Walktober is back!  Get your walking team of four together and stay tuned. 

  PONCA CITY IS ABOVE AVERAGE.....and now we have the ACT Scores to prove it.   Two hundred of the 28,682 students that took the ACT this year in Oklahoma were from Ponca City.  Reading  took the high score for  Ponca City, but the college algebra readiness level was above state averages;  And  biology was  even higher.  Reading, writing and 'rithmatic,check.   Job Well Done to the students taking the ACTs.  Parents: Good job for getting your students to school and to the testing site.  Teachers: Great job on your work in the classroom.  Tutors and after school programs:  Keep up the good work.  For those students looking to get some hands on training and a certification in an "In demand" occupation, check out the HVAC program getting ready to start at Pioneer Technology Center. Just keep reading.


NOT OUR KIND OF TOWN...although apparently Chicago is the kind of towns that a lot of site consultants like. These are the (alleged) humans who help companies decide where they need to locate their businesses. Site consultants like to set up shop in big cities with airports that can fly them anywhere with minimal stops. PCDA is guessing here that O'Hare fills that bill (never mind the old saw "If you've got time to spare, go through O'Hare."). The Windy City is also home to some of these critters specializing in working with companies seeking locations for call centers and back office operations that could fit nicely in a certain building across the street from Enriques. The home of the Cubs is also the home of the University of Chicago and the Chicago School of Economics so the business community in the City is very up to speed on economic trends and opportunities. It doesn't hurt to pick their brains. PCDA did just that this week, along with several other Oklahoma communities, meetin and greetin these (allegedly) fine folks. Not only does this give us the opportunity to show them what we have to sell today, it also helps us make the friends we will need in the future when they figure out that life on the Ryan Expressway is not all it's cracked up to be. There are some uncomfortable business people in Illinois these days. Aren't we just the sweetest people (allegedly) for showing them an alternative?  

RUNNING HOT AND COLD ABOUT let's say that you or someone you know is ready to get that skills training we keep harping about that's necessary to get a good job these days. One occupation in demand today is that of a heating and air conditioning technician. For whatever reason, not many people are going into this and, in case you have not noticed, we still get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. A few years back, the OSU Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) training program produced over 140 graduates a year. This past year? Eight. Here's the good news: You do not have to go to the OSU HVAC program. You can enroll at Pioneer Technology Center this fall. With this EPA certified HVAC course you can be hired by heating and air servicing companies and increase your maintenance base for apartment maintenance or industry machine maintenance work. The class is structured so students can continue employment during the day. More information about the HVAC program starting on September 2nd, (as in next Tuesday) can be found at Pioneer Tech can be found by calling Pioneer Tech at 580-762-8336.  Local companies are looking for you or the kid sitting in his/her room on line all day.    

Larger than life airplanes landing at the Ponca City airport.
Why yes, we do have an airport in Ponca City!

PoncaWorks has been on the road this week, starting out with a trip out to Guymon, Oklahoma.  In Guymon, two PCDA staffers and two traveling buddies invested in the Ponca City workforce, all got a crash course on a workforce far different from Ponca City's. Guymon is incredibly diverse, and the traveling four heard about the town's diversity outreach programs, employee recruitment and retention efforts and housing strategies. Also this week, two different PCDA staffers attended a hiring fair in Tulsa, and met a few excellent candidates for Ponca City job opportunities. A successful week in the PoncaWorks book! 


And now before we head back to work recruiting those people from Tulsa and implementing those ideas from Guymon, a few things we've learned: 1) Everyone loves Head Country BBQ sauce. Especially when they get a free sample of it! 2) People in Oklahoma are just super nice folks and we are thankful they're willing to share their wisdom and experiences with us. 3) It really is a small world. One of our hosts in Guymon has a brother that just moved to Ponca City for work.  Do YOU know of anyone looking to move for employment? Contact Sarah at 580-765-7070 or

Ponca has jobs!  We just need the right people to fill them.
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