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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
August 14, 2014

IS IT STILL SUMMER???...if the kids are back in school? This philosophical conundrum was brought to you by July, which was still unquestionably, at least as the calendar was concerned, summer. Whilst we were enjoying the wonderful July weather (although great weather and Ponca City are truly synonymous), PCDA was deep into the ongoing campaign to grow the Ponca City economy even more. To wit: last month, PCDA had 16 contacts with new companies. The same Bat time, (apologies to Ben Affleck or Christian Bale, PCDA can never keep it straight) we were rubbing elbows with existing companies some 69 times (but who's counting?). PCDA was also up in the face of site consultants six times, marching with partners seven times and tolerating guvment types 19 times. As of July 31, PCDA had 16 open projects with a total potential job count of 873 jobs. There were no new leads received in July, which is pretty typical for the summer. There has been one new lead so far in August giving weight to the argument that, alas, summer may indeed be over. On the other hand, PCDA meteorologists are calling for pretty hot weather over the weekend and into the week so one never knows. It is PCDA's most accurate forecast using ultra dolby high def doppler sound vente latte so you've been warned.   



Fri, Aug 15: Party at the Palace with the Ponca Chamber of Commerce and all their friends. Early reports suggest that it will be, and PCDA is quoting, "Incredible!" See you at the Palace!   

Sat, Aug 16: 2nd Annual WildCat/LadyCat Bash.  All sport rally to kick off athletics: 7:00 pm at Sullins Stadium. Call our friend Bob for more info 716-8249 

Thurs, Aug 28-31: Poncan Pow Wow held at White Eagle Park. Call 580-762-8104.     

MONTH OF AUGUST:  Please check your Ponca City Utility Bills for a short Childcare Survey.   

THE WEATHER THIS WEEK....and the business climate was very well suited to PCDA and our ersatz weather service, not to mention our economic development efforts. Said new lead, referenced above, came in so we did what one does with a new lead: whatever is necessary. We also finalized and the PCDA board did approve an agreement with a local company to do great and glorious things. We are not spilling the beans on the details until the Ponca City News does cause momma taught us never to compete with an award winning newspaper. We cheered wildly when a very large tank rolled off the MJ&H Fabrication, eh, line; one of the first soup to nuts deliveries out of PCA (Ponca City America). As you can see from the picture below, we loaned out some eye candy to the APEX wind energy project (aka Kay Wind Farm) when they held an open house in Newkirk on Tuesday. We worked on a survey of child care resources in PCA, helped two local small businesses with small business stuff and colonized our website with demographics and a lot of other useful info, (go to and see for yourself). Then there were the meetings with local companies, six businesses in all this week, which will surely transform the economic landscape of planet Earth. Finally, and please walk softly, the independent auditors are all over the PCDA office today doing their best imitation of an angry District Attorney with an attitude and shoes that are too tight grilling a suspect. The results of the audit will be presented to the PCDA board (may their shoes always fit well) in October.   

PONCA DOES WORK...In fact it works so well that PCDA just decided to throw caution to the wind and embrace it. It was announced yesterday, and let the word go forth throughout the land, that "PoncaWorks" with the spiffy new logo you see here, will be the new name of the Blue Wave program. It's not that PCDA did not like Blue Wave. As PCDA started reaching out further and further from PCA, it became clear that something was needed that was more descriptive of what Blue Wave did. So by putting Ponca (get it...Ponca as in Ponca City?) together with "Works (get in "you can work?"), PCDA is telling a story in just the name. PCDA has had two staffers file worker's comp claims from patting themselves on the back over the new name and the new logo. Fortunately, it was only the Executive Director, who had nothing to do with the creativity of "PoncaWorks", the logo or the whole idea of changing the name, and the Executive Director's imaginary friend who is his only example of creativity. Not to worry, "huge ego" is specifically excluded from worker's comp under the PCDA policy. So from this time forward, "PoncaWorks" will be the new name for the workforce recruitment program. Ponca City has seen things change names a time or two so PCDA is confident that those with healthy egos can roll with this change.

Announcement of Apex Wind Turbine Project in Newkirk this week. 
This will be a 300 Megawatt project located north of Newkirk.
                      NEW LOOK
                   SAME PROGRAM


Ponca has jobs, and PoncaWorks has resumes! 

One of the ongoing tasks of any workforce program, from staffing agencies to the workforce office to PoncaWorks (getting used to this new name yet?), is to figure out how to match up the candidates available with jobs available so that each is getting what they need.  And right now, things aren't matching up in the PoncaWorks office. We seem to have quite a few candidates with one skill set, and lots of jobs with another. So....if you're a business owner or manager needing front office/accounting/HR/clerical candidates, call Sarah at 580-765-7070.  Or email her at  Or contact her through the  Or send a carrier pigeon to 102 S. 5th, Suite 3.  Any method works for us.


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