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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
August 8, 2014

'TWAS THE WEEK BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS....and all through the town, lots of business churning, and job growth abound. We met with a business 'bout process and stuff, then those needing workforce, there's never enough. Toward yonder we finalized a company's needs, fore next week's board meeting, we'll see if they please. An agreement was finished, now don't be a snob, it's only a small one, but a job is a job. Five others we met with, these numbers we'll tout, these companies have needs, and we'll try to help out. Certifications-those too we did thus, it spurs more job growth and it's never a fuss. Construction continues at sites this whole time, let's see how you do when you're trying to rhyme. And then there was paperwork, try to relate, our audit starts next week, we'll see how we rate. On data, on demos, on marketing too, in these dog days of summer there's so much to do. So heads up next week when you're out on the street, the kids go back Tuesday in the midst of the heat. And that's what we did, just before the big day, next week we're back at it, at PCDA. 




Sat, Aug 9:  Pink Heals Parade/Party in the Park.  Parade on Grand starting at 11:00; Party at Pioneer Woman 12:00 to 3:00 pm.  For more info,  call 580.761.0696.  

Thurs, Aug 14: PCDA Regular Board Meeting at 7:30 am in the Chamber Conference Room.        

Fri, Aug 15: Party at the Palace with the Ponca Chamber of Commerce and all their friends.  Call 580-765-4400 for tickets. 

Thurs, Aug 21-24: Ponca Pow Wow held at White Eagle Park. Call 580-762-8104.      

NUMBERS...We told you last week how, wait for it, not everything on the internet is true. So we'll be the first to tell you that what we're about to tell you also has some wiggle room. We wanted to provide some solid numbers but the fact is that solid data is really hard to come by. That may sound funny in the day of "big data" when numbers are only a click away. Remember, as we suggested last week, there is no internet dude who goes around collecting data. Someone has to collect the numbers the old fashioned way. That information makes its way on line and then others take it and throw up numbers based upon trends (usually). That's a challenge for Ponca City since our census numbers, (collected by actually asking people) were collected right after former owner of the refinery moved all their folks out, right after Tyson closed and still in the middle of the recession. Our numbers were not good then but were remarkably similar to 2000 (signaling that another economy was growing in Ponca City while the old one was dwindling). So we went out to the source of information and collected a bunch of numbers. Here's the general take since 2011: The population is up 4%, and this is from analyzing school enrollment, home and rental vacancies, etc. We didn't actually count everyone. The official unemployed rate for the county dropped from 10.2% in January of 2010 to 5.3% today. School enrollment is up 2%. Property tax values are up about 1% (housing values are up more than that but that's a different figure). Sales taxes are up 7.6% and building permits are up about 400%. The building permits sound great until you consider that there wasn't much building four years ago. The bottom line is that Ponca City is growing again although we probably will not be able to convince the internet (and perhaps that neighbor) until after the next census.  

WHERE WOULD YOU RATHER BE???...While the kids are at their respective desks next week, you know that they're seriously wishing they could be at the PCDA board meeting next Thursday morning instead of class. Just today, a new kindergarten recruit told us, "Please sir/madam, can I hear 'bout the contact report for July?" Cute little tyke. Kinda chokes you up. His passion is understandable. On the agenda for next Thursday is a report on PCDA's workforce recruitment program, updates on various job creation projects, financial reports, closed session conversation about you know what, and a small agreement for the Trustees to consider. If you're lucky, there may be one other update on another project but we don't want to spoil that surprise. It's all open to the public, at least those who do not have to be in school. It starts at 7:30 a.m. in the conference room at the Chamber of Commerce. Lunch money is not needed.   

LAUGHTER IS......the best medicine.  This week a mix of 20 local companies, orgs and schools sent representatives to participate in the Third Annual Healthy Community Lunch & Learn at the City Hall Commission Room.   This Lunch & Learn showcased how to get your workplace certified as a healthy business (church, restaurant, church, ect...) and help Ponca City get to the Excellence Level of being a Certified Healthy Community. And you ask where laughter comes into the picture? Marie Trenary from the Ponca City Senior Center walked, or rather, laughed the 30 plus people through three laughing exercises starting with the information that 15 minutes of laughing is equal to two hours of sleep.   So, when you think you need a nap, give yourself a quick pick-me-up by watching a funny video or sharing a funny story with a friend or co-worker and laugh it up. And after you finish laughing, go check out to find out more about getting your business certified as healthy. The application is online and the deadline for applying is November 1st for the 2014 certification. And did we mention the rewards? Beside the obvious health rewards, there are monetary grants attached to the Excellence merit levels for the community, schools and non-profits to use for healthy "stuff" like walking trails, biking trails, etc.... Your business participation assists the City go from the "Merit" level to the "Excellent" level and gives us more fun, healthy stuff to do in Ponca City. 

Mayor Nicholson gives opening remarks to the Third Annual Healthy Community Lunch & Learn. 
20 businesses participated in the Healthy Community Lunch & Participation Sign Up.
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Part of the promotion for Ponca Blue Wave is our Blue Wave email blast that goes out every 2-3 weeks, advertising new jobs on the website or new job opportunities in town.  It is one of the easiest ways to stay apprised of what is happening with the Blue Wave Program, and we want as many subscribers as possible!  Each time it goes out (twice since Sarah has started) there is a flurry of new activity with resumes being submitted, people wanting to know more details on certain jobs and hits on the Blue Wave website. So, if you or someone you know (especially those friends and family from out of town looking for jobs like we talked about last week) would like to be included in this email blast, please let Sarah know!  580-765-7070 or


Also, be sure to check to see what jobs are available.  And you might notice an interesting tab while you're there: "Job Seekers from Cherokee, Iowa".  Go check it out and see if you can guess what Blue Wave is up to!

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