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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
August 1, 2014
THIS WEEK...we, meaning PCDA types, hosted a site visit for one company, met with six other existing companies, talked to two groups, planned two out of the area recruiting jaunts, briefed the city commission, helped a little old lady across the street and worked with contractors on construction projects. The site visit involved taking the company President, in the middle of Wednesday's rain storm, around the community to see sites, community amenities, meet with city staff and pet puppies. Went well. They want follow-up information. That's a good sign. The two groups with whom we spoke included a large company that has new people in town so PCDA went with the chamber to tell them the real glories of Ponca City. Anytime PCDA can tell the Ponca City story and get a free Head Country lunch, count us in. Besides, the Chamber did the heavy lifting on this one. We just provided facts and data, (see story below). You will never guess what we talked about with the companies. If you guessed anything but workforce, no rain for you today. The second group mentioned above is a fun loving civic club and we talked economy, workforce, local companies and just everything else that make warm the heart of PCDAers everywhere. There were meetings about new potential retail opportunities, discussions about small business issues, data questions, web site and database work, pretty much everything you could hope for if you're an economic development wonk.  



Thurs, Aug. 7th: Certified Healthy Community Lunch & Learn - City Commission Chamber at 11:30.  Lunch is provided.  Call 765-4400 to reserve a seat.   See Flyer Below for more info. 

Thurs, Aug 14: PCDA Regular Board Meeting at 7:30 am in the Chamber Conference Room.  Come one, come all.     

Fri, Aug 15: Party at the Palace with the Ponca Chamber of Commerce and all their friends.  Call 580-765-4400 for tickets. 

Thurs, Aug 21-24: Ponca Pow Wow held at White Eagle Park. Call 580-762-8104 for more information.    

JUST SAYIN...The "official" unemployment rate in Kay County is 5.3%. The rate in Ponca City is about a point and a half lower than that. Got workers? Got skilled workers? With this in mind, we noticed that last weekend there was a shindig called "Fight for 15" held in Villa Park, Illinois that brought together groups that are lobbying hard for a federal minimum wage raise from the present $7.25 to $15 per hour. PCDA does not really want to wade into the weeds on this politically charged issue but we do wish to be helpful. PCDA noticed that there were a lot of people in Villa Park last week raising banners and shouting slogans. PCDA loves slogans. The stated goal of the "Fight for 15" is to get hard working people from minimum wage to $15 or more. Giddy as we were at the prospect of people wanting to improve their lives, we looked around, again in the spirit of wanting to be helpful, and noticed that the federal guvment has set aside $15 billion for workforce training programs for this year. Hmmmm.

LOOKING FOR a general start to many phone conversations in the PCDA office. Businessman in classic superman pose tearing his shirt open to reveal question mark symbol on chest concept for human resources and recruitment And we LOVE these types of questions.  Some people are looking for straight demographic information like "how many people live in Ponca City?" (25,387+ according to the last Census) or  "What is the current unemployment rate?" (5.3% as of May, 2014 for Kay County).  One of our favorite questions, "Has Ponca City seen an increase in business investment over the last three years?" To which we answer delightedly, "Why yes, there has been a steady increase to the tune of six million dollars a year for the last three years according to building permit records filed with the City."   Other questions revolve around available properties and buildings (check out for more info) and sometimes, we will get the holy grail of requests: to sit down with an existing company or new company and share why Ponca City is the best place for their upcoming expansion or relocation.   Let's just say, this week has seen all of the above and PCDA staff are happy to be of use locating and sharing this type of information.  And information is power.  Just ask us.

SO IT MUST BE TRUE, RIGHT???...yes it's an old joke. It's on the internet so it must be true. The "truth" that is out there may not be so truthful. We bring this up right after we told you where to get good information to illustrate a point. There is something called "primary" data, which is information from the horse's mouth, and there is "secondary" data, that is information from companies, people and governmental agencies that take the same primary data and re-gift it in different ways. The census is primary data because they asked you directly about you, they did not buy information about you from someone else. Sales tax figures from the City of Ponca City is primary data 'cause they are the ones who collect this information. The farther you get away from the census, the more questionable secondary data for communities under 50k people becomes. That's because a) smaller communities have to wait from census to census for primary data since they are typically not resurveyed every few years; and b) it becomes harder and harder to figure out the timing of when the data you see on line was collected, how it was extrapolated, if the comparison is really apples to apples, etc. It's like the copy of the copy of the copy. Here's a case in point from this week: Ponca City Police Chief Don Bohon reported to the City Commission on Monday night. It was in all the papers. Ponca City's crime rate is below the state average. If you look at some of the internet sources, Ponca City's crime rate is way above the average. The fun fact is that the original data, (the "primary" data) came from the Ponca City PD in the first place. It's not like McGruff the Crime Dog is monitoring crime in Ponca City and reporting directly to "the internet." The interesting journey the original, now dated, diffused crime data took through the bytes and bits of the internet to become the bad data that it is today is the result of a number of different factors, none of which are under the control or can be changed by the Ponca City PD, PCDA or any human being you know. So when you see things on line that "must" be true, be careful. When you see those silly "Best places to raise your hamster" lists, (which are based upon internet data) be aware. Now excuse us, we just noticed that the National Association of Realtors web site lists Ponca City's unemployment rate at 9% so we need to go bang our head on the wall, (and try to make the appropriate contacts. 

                ON THE MOVE....

Ponca Blue Wave is on the move! As PCDA hears of recruiting opportunities, like plant closures or areas of high unemployment, we are able to send Sarah as a representative of multiple employee-seeking Ponca City industries to do some on-site recruitment. We have two trips planned in the near future to do some recruiting and research, which hopefully will pan out with hundreds and hundreds of people moving to Ponca City. Or just a few really great employees and community members.  Either way we're happy.


Also, please help us spread the word about Blue Wave! Tell friends, family and anyone you meet to check out our website,, or have them call Sarah at 580-765-7070.  We know of lots of job opportunities in town, some of which aren't publicized on the website, so be sure to have them contact us and let us know their dream job details. 


Before the Rain:  Concrete Pour at MJ&H Fabrication in the Airport Industrial Park. 

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