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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
July 25, 2014

THIS WEEK...PCDA argued internally about how many existing companies we visited this week* so we'll tell you about other things while we get our story straight on local calls. We did a lot of outreach, (meaning sales pitches) on the Sykes building again this week. "And who will work there?" has been the typical response. We also prepared for a site visit next week. We worked on permits for a company building something. There was help provided for one company that is doing wonderful, marvelous things inside their building which we can't talk about other than to say it's not what you think.  We coordinated a lot of workforce conversations with people who could potentially help and/or be that workforce. This was accomplished, in part, through the "Tour d'Sarah" (sorry if you don't speak French) where a PCDA staffer was introducing new Blue Wave Manager Sarah Linn to lots of companies. These intros turned into longer conversations about what the workforce needs would be and how we could recruit people to Ponca City to fill those jobs. This, in turn, led to conversations with others in town about the best way to both let people know about the jobs in Ponca City and what those people would need in order to get them to come here. This led to meetings about potential solutions that are currently in the works. At the end of all of doing all of the above, we sat down and started fighting over how many of these visits we should count, (significant conversations) for the purpose of this blog which you are reading right now.



Thurs, Aug. 7th: Certified Healthy Community Lunch & Learn - City Commission Chamber at 11:30.  Lunch is provided.  Call 765-4400 to reserve a seat.   See Flyer Below for more info. 

Thurs, Aug 14: PCDA Regular Board Meeting at 7:30 am in the Chamber Conference Room.  Come one, come all.     

Fri, Aug 15: Party at the Palace with the Ponca Chamber of Commerce and all their friends.  Call 580-765-4400 for tickets. 

Thurs, Aug 21-24: Ponca Pow Wow held at White Eagle Park. Call 580-762-8104 for more information.    

****....Every week, we either wax eloquently and/or drone on endlessly about how many local companies we saw that week. The goal is to let you know that we really are working, not out at the MotoX course watching the racers. The numbers are not used for anything other than that. Actually, the companies we visit here are so smart (Webster's: "Smart: Acompany that operates or has an operation in Ponca City, America") that we really want some of their smartness stuff to rub off on us. So this week, two PCDA staffers showed up at one of our leading companies. No, it was not to ask how many PCDA staffers it takes to cross the road with a chicken, it was part of the Tour d'Sarah ("Tour of Sarah" for you non-French speakers). The head of the company comes out to greet said staffers, who he was not expecting, and asks, "Are you here so that I can be one of those stats in your newsletter about the companies you visit each week?" Told you he was smart. 

I'M FROM THE GUV'MENT AND I'M HERE TO HELP"...So if you don't speak French, how are you with guv'ment talk? If you're conversant in the language of the bureaucrats, you know that not everything they do translates well to the real world that pays their salaries. We had people in town this week from a federal agency that surely just wanted to be of assistance. This agency, which has a four letter acronym but is better known when a colorful, non-abridged adjective precedes that acronym, dropped by a local company that, fortunately, did not need the help. When we find out that someone from the guv'ment is here and that they want to "help" we let some of our businesses know in case they want to, you know, tidy up a bit. A few, not all, of these guv'ment types bring very sharp pencils and could misunderstand certain things. Working with our local companies who might be at an interesting point in a assuredly temporary project know that company might drop by is, we hope, "helpful". 

DEMAND JOB OCCUPATIONS...... is a fancy way of saying employers are looking for employees; companies need skilled and trained workers; workforce is needed, well, you get the idea.  And Ponca City has some great training opportunities available.  For instance, Pioneer Technology Center has an Heating/Air Conditioning (HVAC) course starting this Fall.  With this EPA certified HVAC course you can be hired by heating and air servicing companies, increase your maintenance base for apartment maintenance or industry machine maintenance. The class is even structured so students can continue employment during the day and attend classes in the evening twice a week.  Another demand occupation right now is Commercial Truck Drivers or CDLs.  This training is available from a certain local company that is hiring as well as through the Workforce Office for qualified individuals.  Want to know if you are qualified? Give Joe Thompson a call at the Workforce Office, 580-765-3372 and ask about CDL driver training.  More information about the HVAC program starting on September 2nd at Pioneer Tech can be found by calling Pioneer Tech at 580-762-8336.  Local companies are looking for you.  What are you waiting for?  


One of the major goals of Ponca Blue Wave is to recruit more people to our glorious town so they can become awesome Ponca City residents like us.  And as we all probably know, the best way of finding people who are a great fit and would consider moving to Ponca City is by networking with people who already live in glorious Ponca City. So, do YOU have friends, past neighbors, cousins, uncles, parents or work colleagues you want to see more often? Trying to get your kids to move closer to home so you can see those adorable grand kids? Call on Blue Wave!  We might have the perfect job opportunity for that cousin, uncle, nephew or daughter here in our community.  And we all love Ponca City, so why wouldn't they?  Be sure to check out for some of the most recent jobs or to submit a resume to be kept on file for any future job opportunities. Email Sarah ( for more information!


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