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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
July 18, 2014

IF THEY COME...WILL YOU BUILD IT???...a number of Ponca City companies have told us in the last month, including this week, there are not enough cribs available here for new employees. Several have complained to us about it and a number have told us that they send their employees 45 miles to the south for housing since they can't find it here. The development of new housing is a tad difficult. It's not something the government does. Banks don't do it. Companies generally don't do it (there are a couple of places in which companies are building housing for their employees but that's the exception). While Oklahoma actually has more active oil and gas rigs then North Dakota, (shhh!!...don't tell the media) we're not as crazy about having people live in containers as the Peace Garden state appears to be. PCDA has begun to contact housing developers seeking interest in building here. Like everything else in life, this takes time. A housing developer, like a new business, has lots of choices and is never willing to pay any price regardless of perceived demand. Banks also have limits on how much they can lend on a house which is driven by a lot of different factors including housing prices over the past several years which have been somewhat weird. PCDA also cannot, by law, pay for an actual house or provide an incentive to a housing developer so it's not just a matter of political will. Stay tuned. 



July 19-24 -MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIPS at the Jack Blevins Motocross Park.  

July 24-26: Crazy Day in Ponca City.  Deals and steals with the retail community all around Ponca City.  

Thurs, Aug. 7th: Certified Healthy Community Lunch & Learn - City Commission Chamber at 11:30.  Lunch is provided.  Call 765-4400 to reserve a seat.   

Thurs, Aug 14: PCDA Regular Board Meeting at 7:30 am in the Chamber Conference Room.  Come one, come all.  

HEALTHY COMMUNITY....Lunch & Learn is just around the corner and your business, church or community organization is invited to attend.  Join the Ponca City Healthy Community Coalition (did we mention Ponca City is a certified healthy community?) on Thursday, August 7th at 11:30 a.m. in the City Commission Chamber at City Hall.  RSVPs would be appreciated as a free lunch will be served.  Just call the Chamber of Commerce at 765.4400 to reserve a seat at the table and become an active member of this healthy community.     

THIS WEEK...It's great to watch construction take place in front of your eyes. It's not as much fun as when it is happening indoors and you can't see it. That's what is happening at Log10. Interior improvements were carried out this week including office improvements, the start of a new lab and other things. If you want to drive by and ooh and aah, that's up to you 'cause it still looks like the same metal building from the outside. PCDA was also in several companies talking workforce and hearing about the lack of housing (see story above). Three (at least) are trying to hire a lot more people but they may hold off due to the lack of housing. PCDA has written notes using terms like "concerned" about the lack of housing and "would grow more" and so forth to show housing developers (see above, is there an echo?). We did a lot of marketing on the Sykes building this week, meeting with the question "and just who is going to fill those jobs?"  

A green two-way street sign pointing to Buy and Rent, symbolizing being at a crossroads and deciding between renting a house, car or other object versus the benefits of buying

DID YOU KNOW.......road trips are important.  PCDA staff packed into the car on the only sunny day this week and went and checked out land holdings in the Ponca City area.  Maybe "field trip" is a better phrase to use since we were essentially checking out large land parcels (fields).  Why were we conducting such trips?  Being good stewards of available land as well as keeping up with available buildings is how PCDA staff stay "in the know" when asked that all important question "What commercial land/buildings are available for my company to lease/buy?"  And we get these calls pretty frequently nowadays.  For those wanting to also know what we know, when we know it, check out the website for all that we know about available properties and land.  Because you know, you want to know; ya know?  


EMPLOYERS are on the search for workers.  Criteria? Skill sets?  Yes, please.  Employers have also requested soon-to-be employees have soft skills in place. Soft skills? Yes, soft skills.  Those would be show up on time, for all your scheduled shifts, appropriately dressed with an "at work" attitude kind of skills.  Employers need all of us to be recruiters for Ponca City.  Ponca City is a diversified manufacturing community needing workers for manufacturing maintenance, commercial driving, inventory warehousing and food production and all the management and entry level positions that go with these jobs .  Get the word out now. Need more information about job openings or who is hiring when?  Check out the PoncaBlueWave website for job listings and give Sarah, the Blue Wave Manager a call. We want to help your daughter, brother, sister, son, cousin, aunt (or all of the above) find a home, job, life here in Ponca City.  Live, Work, Play! 

All smiles at the groundbreaking ceremonies for the
new dormitory at Northern Oklahoma College this week.
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