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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
June 27, 2014

THE LONGEST WEEK???...If last Saturday was the longest day, does that make this the longest week? PCDA is not sure but there was enough activity this week to fill up even the longest week. Where to begin. We started the week touring Dorada and discussing how PCDA can help them find the workers they need as they grow. Dorada needs people to fill jobs so if you know anyone, send them to Dorada, Workforce Oklahoma or PCDA, (and we will send them to one of the aforementioned). We also went to several other companies to talk to them about their workforce needs, notice a theme here? Next week, we'll devote a special Fourth of July Weekly Update to why the job market is the way the job market is. Moving on, we worked with Dorada on their build out. You won't see this because it's happening inside their building but it is happening. MJ&H poured new concrete for their new foundations this week, and welcomed in new work. K&C Manufacturing moved equipment into their new plant, while the folks up and down Ash Street kept churning out products.     



Fri, July 4th:  Holiday.  PCDA closed. America Rocks!    

Thurs, July 10: PCDA Regular Board Meeting in the Chamber Conference Room at 7:30 a.m.  Public is welcome.

July 19-24 -MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIPS at the Jack Blevins Motocross Park. 

Thurs, Aug. 7th: Certified Healthy Community Lunch & Learn - City Commission Chamber at 11:30.  Lunch is provided.  Call 765-4400 to reserve a seat.  

GOING TO BIO......with about 25,000 other really smart folks from around the world.  PCDA Staff helped man the Oklahoma Bio Booth at this International show focusing on all things biological: medical, agriculture, mechanical, vaccines, molecular, etc....  If it has to do with science, there was a booth, country or service represented.  The Oklahoma Bio Booth boasted over 70 companies and partnering organizations who attended the conference, worked to generate new leads, re-connected with colleagues and met with companies to create new partnerships and projects.  Over 144 meetings took place in the Oklahoma booth meeting rooms (officially) and several more impromptu meetings happened in the table and chairs areas outside the officia l rooms.  Whew.  Many connections were made and now the real work begins to promote that new product, idea or partnership over the next year until Bio is upon us once more.  And PCDA will be there to wave the Ponca City flag of manufacturing, science & technology, new business assistance and our "Center of the Universe" locality to loud music and cheers because that's the way we roll.

TWO LEADS....PCDA talks about projects and every now and then we tell you just what we mean by the word "project." This week we were and are working two "leads." A lead is when we hear from a reputable source that a company is looking for an expansion, either an existing company or a company elsewhere wanting to grow, or a company wanting to find a new home. The former is more typical than the latter. Sometimes that reputable source offers to introduce, sometimes they heard from a friend of a friend and they tip us off. Truth is, there are not magic words to utter when we call a cold lead but we do it all the time. It can be fun because sometimes the person answering the phone at company X does not know that the company is looking elsewhere and that person may not want to either a) move; or b) lose their job. So a little diplomacy comes into play and that often makes getting through to the big cheese a little tough. This week, we had two extremes, kind of like Tuesday's election. One was easy to get to the company, one was hard. Both want very specific buildings. For the easy one, we have a building that kinda sorta might work if they don't find anything else. For the hard one have we got a deal for you, that is if we can get through to the decision maker, (which we are trying to do). So if easy lead says the building is in the ballpark, we may get to turn this lead into a project. If the hard one gets to see what we have on the table, we're confident it will be a project. That's when the real work begins. Either way, the November 2014 Mid Term elections will be a memory by the time either turn into job producing companies. Fortunately, we have several in the pipeline from before the 2012 election.


Calling all Ponca City employers! A major component of the Blue Wave Program is helping our local businesses find qualified candidates for job openings. We do that through matching resumes on hand with your job requirements, attending recruitment events, and pretty much any other recruitment tactic we can come up with! And we're pretty resourceful. So if you are an employer looking for 1 employee or 200, please email Sarah at and let us know how we can help! Now calling all job seekers! Visit for a listing of current job opportunities in our community!  This site changes daily, so be sure to check back regularly! And even if you do not see the job you're looking for listed now, submit your resume and we will work to find you the perfect opportunity.

Blue Wave Manager Sarah Linn checking out the job skills at Dorada Foods.  Love those hats!
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