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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
June 20, 2014

THIS PCDA will bore you to death. Seriously. A lot of this stuff is quite dull, unless you have a true passion for job growth and strengthening businesses, which PCDA does. We spent the week inside and with existing businesses, handling issues from workforce, to infrastructure, to equipment, leases, plumbing, dirt work, yada, yada, yada. In a word, it was awesome. There were companies moving equipment in and pouring concrete. Companies asking for more workforce. Companies getting ready for further expansions. It was Christmas to PCDA but the press gave it a big yawn. Next week, PCDA will join am Oklahoma delegation seeking new business at the International Bio conference. By new business, we mean new business for our existing companies. We also mean keeping an eye open for new businesses but the former is far more profitable in terms of job growth. Summer tends to be a little light on the new leads and, so far, 2014 is staying true to form. It is also typically a little slow on existing job growth and, so far, 2014 is way ahead of that curve.  




Tues, June 24:  Oklahoma Primary Day.  Please vote, even if you vote wrong.   

Wed, Jun 25: Small Business Forum - attend in person or online: 9:00 am to Noon.  See Flyer below for registration information. 

Fri, July 4th:  Holiday.  PCDA will be closed. Go  America.    

Thurs, Aug. 7th: Certified Healthy Community Lunch & Learn - City Commission Chamber at 11:30.  Lunch is provided.  Call 765-4400 to reserve a seat.  

THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER...Last week, and the week before, we told you that two new people, make that two very attractive and intelligent people, had been appointed as new trustees to the PCDA Boards of Trustees. They replace what's-his-name and what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, two of our favorite people as you will no doubt remember. The two new trustees will be sworn in on July 10th at the PCDA July board meeting. You need not crowd the streets that morning to catch a glimpse of them on their way to this festive occasion. Contrary to reports, the swearing in ceremony will not take place at St. Homer's Cathedral but rather in the Chamber conference room making crowd control easier but limiting your seating options. Pray simply allow us to tell you that our two newest BFFs are (drum roll) Natalie Fraser of Lindsay Manufacturing and Joe DeNoya of Pemberton Chevrolet. PCDA is, of course, delighted and continuously amazed at the wisdom of Mayor Nicholson and the City Commission in selecting just the right Trustees for the time. Natalie and Joe join Kelly Johnson, Mark Southard, Daren Wilson, Jim Stieber and Steve Hermann on the board, but, of course, you already knew that.
ACTING CHILDISH...Part of the workforce issue involves child care. There are people whop want to work but can't because of their need for a great place to leave the kids. Now this is not a slam on existing Ponca City child care providers. They're great. They do a great job and even the Pope would leave his kids with them if it wasn't for that whole celibacy thing. The problem is that most do not offer care beyond 6:00 p.m. So this week, a group of people, (the high fell-ew-tins call it a "consortia") got together to talk about how to meet this after hours need. They have actually met several times now but a bunch of them could not make this week's meeting because they could not fund sitter but that's a different story. This consortia consists of PCDA, Pioneer Tech, public schools, Smart Start, the Department of Health Services and the companies that are driving this train. The conversation is about how to meet this need and the answers are not as easy as you might think since this is chicken and egg situation and His Holiness has a few other things on his plate.
PCDA Workforce Recruitment Manager Sarah Linn
experiencing the job description first hand at K&C Manufacturing.

             NEW JOB POSTINGS! continues to have job postings for specific skill sets and education levels, but please remember to check out the Oklahoma Workforce JobLink as well as the local Workforce office at 1201 W. Grand for a complete list of jobs available in Kay County.  And also consider our Temporary Agencies here in Ponca City including PSI, TPI and Express.    If you know an individual looking for employment with special skills, training or education, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah at PCDA so she can facilitate those introductions.   New jobs are posted as they are received,  so bookmark the website in your Favorites.
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