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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
May 2, 2014

DONALD STERLING...had nothing to do with the Ponca City economy this week but we're shameless enough to try anything to make you look. What did happen this week was that PCDA spent time with a new company coming to Ponca City that is expected to add 50 jobs. We also spent real quality time with Consolidated Oil Well Services, a company that is new but that you have both heard about and seen around town. We pinged a company from a blue state that was here last month who assured us we were very much still on their list but that others had given them annoying things to do like operating their company which gets in the way of future plans. Then there was the usual meeting with existing companies, making preparations for glorious outreach events that will take place in May, handling the business of business and condemning Donald Sterling when we had a chance.   




Thurs, May 8: PCDA Regular Board Meeting in the Chamber Meeting Room, 7:30 A.M.

Mon, May 12: Social Media/Gov't Contracting Issues Training Seminar in Midwest City. Click HERE to register & more info.  

 Wed, May 21: Construc- tion Legal Forum  Webcast 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  For more information, e-mail or call Dawn@ 580-718-4261. 

UNEMPLOYMENT to 6.3%, so said the U.S. Commerce Department earlier today. It takes a while, (a few weeks) for us to get new local numbers but the hidden truth is it really doesn't matter. In fact, the Oklahoman was going to run a story on how "unreliable" the unemployment rate actually is but that hasn't worked out real well for them recently. Everyone, including PCDA, uses the unemployment rate as if it was real. The rate, however, depends upon so many variables including historic trends, which are themselves based on prior trends, people who actually file for unemployment, people who stop filing for unemployment but do not get employed, seasonal changes, annual reboots, the list goes on.  All of Oklahoma, including Ponca City, is more or less at a level of full employment. This isn't a data point because that particular data point varies from community to community and is a source of much debate. "Full employment" is a point at which there is no real surplus labor. There are still those looking for work for a variety of reasons from wanting a change, to seeking more money to graduating from school, losing a job due to making vile statements a "girlfriend" secretly taped and released to the media...perhaps you've been there. Oklahoma in general and Ponca City in particular, are well into the area workforce shortage as we've bored you with in the past. We started to talk about the unemployment rate before the City Commission on Monday night until they gave us the "tell us something that matters to our citizens" look.

DEAL WITH next week, the PCDA Board of Trustees will meet in open session and, yes, those meetings are taped and, no, there have not been any unfortunate statements because the PCDA Board of Trustees a) have class; b) are not both married and dating someone else; and 3) do not own NBA teams, (to the best of our knowledge). But growing the economy of Ponca City will be on their minds as plans are laid for this post labor surplus economy. Next week's meeting will include a discussion on the PCDA Strategic Plan, (aka: the economic development plan for the next three years), a discussion on marketing Ponca City to attract people, as well as new companies, (a fast changing economy will always need new companies to replace those that do no, "more forward."  It will also include a discussion on the budget for the coming year, (aka: what are going to do specifically next year) and other aspects of how we are going to grow Ponca City. The meeting starts at 7:30 a.m. in the Chamber of Comments conference room. Feel free to bring anyone with you, regardless of, well, you know.

FINDING MONEY.....via Crowdfunding was the topic of discussion at Pioneer Tech this week when Tim Jeffcoat, Deputy District Director for the Small Business Administration (SBA) gave a great presentation with fabulous information about funding for your small business.  Missed it you say?  Couldn't make it?  Didn't know about it?  Fret not.  Pioneer Tech streamed the presentation live and it is avail for the next 30 days.  Interested?  Click HERE to access LiveStream.  It is a free service and you only have to set-up an account to view this program.  If you are interested in similar streaming programs, look around.  It's like a business Ted Talks format (but just for 30 days).  Highlights of the Crowdfunding program included Kickstarter, non-bank lenders like Kiva Zip and other sources available to existing businesses that use and take credit cards in their businesses.  Local entreprenuer Kelli O gave an overview of her experience with Kickstarter (overall, thumbs up) and talked about her start up business Sweet Peas in a Pod .   Since Jeffcoat is a Gov't kind of guy, he did touch upon some SBA resources as well as talking about .  Sorry we missed you, but you've got 29 days to catch up.  See below for more FREE business programs at Pioneer Technology Center.
Great turnout for COWS open house and ribbon cutting.  Beautiful facility. 

For more pictures, check out our Facebook Page.

Jobs continue to be available this week at the website.  Ponca City employers continue to seek employees with specific skill sets, training and education. has job postings for specific skill sets and education levels, but please remember to check out the Oklahoma Workforce JobLink as well as the local Workforce office at 1201 W. Grand for a complete list of jobs available in Kay County.  And also consider our Temporary Agencies here in Ponca City including PSI, TPI and Express.    If you know an individual looking for employment with special skills, training or education, please do not hesitate to contact us at PCDA so we can facilitate those introduction.    New jobs are posted as they are received,  so bookmark the website in your Favorites.
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