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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE     
April 25, 2014


THIS PCDA featured conversations with two existing companies about expansions. 80% of new jobs in this country come from existing companies expanding where they are so these were welcome and join the other expansion opportunities we have discussed with you in the past. These two companies will draw from different workforces so that was also good news. In addition, PCDA met with Congressmember Lucas, who was in town this week, to discuss several issues that have a federal slant to them.  We also put some finishing touches on phase one of a disaster relief plan, designed to help Ponca City industries in the event that we should ever have a hurricane, tsunami volcano eruption or other sort of emergency here. There were meetings with three other existing companies about what they're doing and how we can help. We conducted interviews for the Blue Wave Manager with some incredibly qualified people, had a meeting on a new project that you would be interested in, if only we could tell you, and we did a few marketing projects designed to tell our story better. Today we did the Weekly Update, (this) Ponca Politics, (that) and a few workforce related thing, (the other thing).   





Sat, April 26: Battle of the Burger hosted by the 28th Ponca City Leadership Class at Ponca Lake.  Find more info HERE.  Team spots still available.

Wed, April 30: Small Business Day at the Capital (see flyer below)

Thurs, May 1: Celebrate Small Business Month at Pioneer Tech Center at 9:00 am.  Information on crowd sourcing and so much more!  

Thurs, May 8: PCDA Regular Board Meeting in the Chamber Meeting Room, 7:30 A.M.

PONCA CITY LEADERSHIP...was forced to spend the afternoon on Wednesday with PCDA. The leadership program provides emerging leaders in the community to truly get to know all aspects of life in Ponca City, both the good and the not so good.  Wednesday's session allowed a brain dump, of sorts on what they had learned in their eight month, (+/- once a month) journey through Ponca City.  Perhaps the most notable discovery was the two different communities that exist here. Those who are doing well and those who are not doing so well. Those not doing so well often lacked the skills or aptitude to get a job and a lot of the conversation was on how to help them gain both. Resources, leadership participants found, exist to help but a lot of people are simply not accessing those resources for a variety of reasons. This certainly caught PCDA's eye as companies search for an ever more scarce workforce.  As to the "watchagonnadoboutit" question, the leadership folks said that they would work hard as individuals to get the word out on the resources available through word of mouth, social media, etc., to become mentors and encourage others to become mentors, to stay connected in leadership roles and to also help their friends, neighbors and associates to know the facts about Ponca City, not necessarily what might be written on-line, in coffee shops, etc. by those with a less than connected perspective. If you know anyone who fits the profile of an emerging leader, the leadership program will be casting its net for next year's class this summer. Contact the chamber at 765.4400 for more information.   

WHERE THE JOBS tire of hearing us talk about the open jobs in Ponca City and the leadership people weren't the only ones this week trying to figure out how to connect those with available jobs to those looking for a job. This week, Georgetown University released a study that showed that jobs for people who do not have a college degree were much less likely to be on line then their degreed counterparts. What this means is that if you do not have a college degree, you are far less likely to find a job on line. This means if junior has not finished college and tells you , "really Mom, I'm looking for a job....I spend all day on the internet doing nothing but looking for work," junior might not be making the best use of junior's time if junior does not have a degree. Non degreed jobs are found the old fashion way by hitting the pavement, talking to people and submitting applications in person, or at least that's what Georgetown said. In summary, Georgetown is suggesting to people without a degree that they not search on line. There is some irony in that the story was published on line.
SAY YES TO NO....the North- western Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board (NOWIB), that is. NOWIB is comprised of companies and support organizations from 17 counties including Ponca City's own Kay county. There are nine workforce investment boards (WIBs) across Oklahoma which are designed to address workforce related issues within their jurisdiction. Designed to implement the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, WIBs play a critical role in the foundation of Oklahoma's Workforce Investment System. Getting involved with NOWIB as an industry or support organization with a voice in providing direction to the workforce system based on the unique challenges of our particular 17 county area (think CDL training, manufacturing and production techs). To make sure those needs are met, WIBs seek private sector input and develop a workforce system plan. What does that mean? In a nutshell, well, the nutshell would be as big as a swimming pool and we don't have that kind of space here. Want to know more? Give PCDA a call or send an e-mail and we can start that NOWIB conversation on how to get involved with NOWIB. Just say yes.

Jobs continue to be available this week at the website.  Ponca City employers continue to seek employees with specific skill sets, training and education. has job postings for specific skill sets and education levels, but please remember to check out the Oklahoma Workforce JobLink as well as the local Workforce office at 1201 W. Grand for a complete list of jobs available in Kay County.  And also consider our Temporary Agencies here in Ponca City including PSI, TPI and Express.    If you know an individual looking for employment with special skills, training or education, please do not hesitate to contact us at PCDA so we can facilitate those introduction.    New jobs are posted as they are received,  so bookmark the website in your Favorites.
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