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Ponca City Development Authority WEEKLY UPDATE
April 26 , 2013

THIS Ponca City included PCDA not being in Ponca City for part of the time.  We were in Chicago for the International Bio conference, (see story, below).  We were also in Kansas at the Heartland Economic Development Course on the teaching side, which included the opportunity to talk with communities from throughout the Great Plains about what they might be doing.  For the most part, however, we were at home, visiting with six existing companies, sending out one proposal, talking to another out of state company with an interest in Ponca City, and "helping" the contractors at Connie Lou.  We also had a get-together with Consolidated Oil Well Service this morning about their project which has already broken ground, and we spent a lot of time with MJ&H Fabrication on their project.  Time was also spent on the Lighten the Load program as well as a great deal of attention, per usual, on Blue Wave.  When a PCDA staffer was teaching economic development to a bunch of new economic development people at the Heartland course, mentioned above, most leaned forward when the subject of Blue Wave was discussed.As you have heard us say, it is no longer about just having people looking for work, it's matching up the right skills with the right job.This is considerably more complex and something in which Ponca City is leading the way. 



SHARING THE LOAD...We like to fill your heads with the idea that PCDA is leading the way on everything. This is part truth and part propaganda. There are many things in which we simply are not in the lead.  One of them is in a very fast growing concept called shared work centers.  The idea is simple.  A lot of people are working from their homes these days and this presents two major challenges. The first is that they lack the opportunity for human contact. That's basic and, shocked as you might be, a need not filled by posting thought after thought on Facebook. The second is the lack of opportunity to collaborate. When a bunch of smart people get close to each other, interesting things happen. This collaboration could be as simple as having a common conference room for meetings, (since kitchen tables can only do so much) to sharing the copy machine to the critically important sharing of the water cooler.  Don't know what we mean. A shared work center is a place, typically an office, where people can purchase memberships and come and go as they need.  Desks, office equipment, professional environment, conference room, etc. are there for the need and on any given day it could be packed or it could be empty. The explosion of people working from their homes has developed this need and PCDA spent time this week examining the potential for this in Ponca City while we talked to a number of people at the Bio conference in Chicago who either had one where they lived or were demanding that their community develop one.  So pushy.  In our never ending desire to meet the demands of the marketplace, since it is their choice that is important, not our convenience, we're sharpening pencils to see if this makes sense here.Stay tuned.

CLOSER TO HOME...there has been some press recently about the quarterly earnings of ConocoPhillips. You may recall this company from when they were in Ponca City in the past and we know that some Ponca Citians hold shares in that company so we completely understand the press.  We thought you also might be interested in companies that drive the local economy and why Ponca City is doing just fine, thanks for asking.  Phillips 66, the owner of the refinery, has seen its stock price rise this year about 16% since January 1st with a stock price of $61.41.  In addition, Schlumberger, owners of Smith Tools, is up over 6% this year with a stock price of approximately $73.43.  Cameron International, with a facility on First Street, has seen more than a 7% gain in their stock prices year to date and is trading at just over $60.  There are a few other public companies but the reality is that, by far, most Ponca City companies are privately owned.  Nevertheless, the stock price rise is just one indication of the health of the local economy so have a nice weekend.

The Oklahoma Booth at BIO International

Convention in Chicago.

and when we say BIO we mean all things biological: medical, technology, agriculture, manufacturing, research & development, patents, etc.... the list goes on and on.   Oklahoma was represented by a multi-city, multi-company group known as OKBio.  Some 70 participants were on hand in Chicago to talk to companies, state and countries about what is happening in BIO, in Oklahoma.  Want to know more?  Glad you asked.  The Bioenergy Center at OSU is developing biofuels from sorghum.  Ponca City has been identified as a great place for biofuels due to our strong heritage in, well, burning things. The scientists at the OK Medical Research Foundation discovered the enzyme believed to be responsible for Alzheimer's disease. Oklahoma's bioscience sector contributes $6.7 billion in economic activity and supports 51,000 jobs.  That was BILLION folks.  Representatives in the OKBio booth included Ponca CIty, Oklahoma City, Muskogee, Ardmore, and Stillwater communities and companies such Emergent, Pure Protein, Cytovance and Accele.  In Bio, Oklahoma is OK.  FInd out more on Bio Sciences in Oklahoma at
The last roof panel going up on the Connie Lou Building.
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