March/April 2013
SURF Newsletter  
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This is an exciting time of the year. Last week we extended SURF awards to 413 students.  Please keep reading to learn more about these outstanding young researchers.


In this issue:

  • 2013 SURF awards are made
  • CURJ: The Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal
  • SURF Reunion at Alumni Reunion Weekend/Annual Seminar Day
  • The top 5 SURF mentors of all time



Candace Rypisi

Director, Student-Faculty Programs

Image Credit: Student-Faculty Programs
SURF Awards

At SURF, April 1 is no joke. It's on this day that we make SURF awards. This year, we offered 413 awards! This summer, students will be conducting research projects in all six academic divisions, at the Jet Propulsion Lab, and at colleges and universities across the globe. In fact, thirty-eight Techers will be heading off campus to sites as varied as CERN, the Carnegie Institute for Science, and the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe. Nearly 220 mentors and another 245 co-mentors will provide oversight, guidance, and support over the course of the summer.  

Alumni Connection
CURJ Summer 2012 - Art Center College of Design and Caltech

CURJ: Then and Now 

"Like Sauternes dessert wine, a successful journal must at once be enjoyable and refined." And with that first line, the modern-day Caltech Undergraduate Research Journal (CURJ) was born. CURJ began in the mid-90s under the leadership of student Chou Hung (BS '96 BI; SURF '94, '95). As the editorial staff graduated the journal took a brief break until 2001, when Lakshminarayan "Ram" Srinivasan (BS '02 EECE; SURF '98, '00, '01) revived and re-envisioned the publication.
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Upcoming Events
Image Credit: Caltech Alumni Association
SURF Reunion

Planning to attend Caltech's Annual Seminar Day?

If so, please join us for our first ever SURF REUNION!  

Saturday, May 18

4:45 - 5:30 pm

Glanville Courtyard, Beckman Institute


Reconnect with former classmates and research-mates, chat with current SURF students and mentors, and learn about what's new with undergraduate research at Caltech. All SURF friends are welcome!


Please RSVP at 



Quarks and Leptons (and other tidbits of matter...)
Image Credit: Bob Paz

Quarks and Leptons: The Big Five

For years the competition for who mentored the most SURF students was between Harry and Jack. Harry Gray and Jack Roberts, that is.  But recently, a young-gun by the name of Richard Murray has taken the lead!  (Rumors are that Dr. Murray has cloned himself to manage an average of 12 students each summer for the past several years.) And, hot on everyone's tail are Nate Lewis and Glenn Orton (our only JPL representative in the bunch).  Collectively SURFs "big five" have mentored a total of 557 SURFs!


Richard Murray: 136

Jack Roberts: 123

Harry Gray: 102

Nate Lewis: 101

Glenn Orton: 95


That's a lot of mentoring!  Thank you for your time, leadership, and dedication!



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