Yale Graduate Housing News Briefs
November 26, 2013
Upcoming Events  - For Kids and Adults 

Friday, November 29th

Esplanade Children's Program

10:00 a.m., Community Room (A9)


Yale Graduate Housing has planned a Day After Thanksgiving Kid's Program. Join us for a screening of  Despereaux the Mouse while we all share some of our Thanksgiving leftovers.


If you have any questions, please email Aubrie at aa.yingling@gmail.com.


Wednesday, December 4th

Pizza Study Break @ 68 Mansfield

Time and location TBA


Pizza and beverages will be provided.  For details, email Roy at roy.lederman@yale.edu.  


Thursday, December 5th

Mansfield Pizza Study Break

5:30 p.m., Mansfield Community Room (295D)


Pizza and beverages provided.  For details, email Zaneli at  z.gomezocampo@gmail.com.  


Friday, December 6th

Whitehall Pizza Study Break

6 p.m., Whitehall Community Room (535-5)


Pizza and beverages provided.  For details, email Elizabeth elizavernon@gmail.com or Krista kls200@gmail.com.


Thursday, December 12th

Esplanade Family Movie Night

6 p.m., Esplanade Community Room (A9)


G-Rated movie and snacks provided. For details, email Mike at mike333637@aol.com.  



Yale Graduate Housing, 420 Temple St, New Haven CT 06511

(p) 203-432-8270 (f) 203-432-4578 or email Grad.apts@yale.edu