January 2013
Issue: 1
Yale University Graduate Apartments Newsletter


Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone is well rested and energized for the new semester.  This is a reasonably quiet time for the Graduate Apartments Office as we make preparations for the Spring and Summer.  We are reviewing our policies, rental rates and focusing on possible enhancements and new projects at our buildings. If you have questions regarding the end of your contract or your summer plans please feel free to contact me to set up an appointment.

Vehicle Safety
Yale Police recommend using an anti-theft device such as the 'club' in your vehicle.  Keep all personal items out of view and report any suspicious activity to Yale Police at 203-432-4400.  Bulldog Mobile uses your cell phone to directly connect you to Yale Police. 

Speed Dial - You can trigger immediate YPD dispatch with speed dial, along with critical profile information.

Emergency GPS Locator - Based on your cell phone signal, a GPS locator is activated during your active call.  The registered profile information assists YPD in identifying and locating you. GPS is only activated when you make the call.


Escort Timer: You can set a timer for reaching a target destination.  If the timer is not deactivated after a series of reminders, or when you reach your destination, YPD will be notified.

To register go to publicsafety.yale.edu/bulldog-mobile

Apartments residents must register their vehicle with the Graduate Apartments Office to receive a parking sticker. Vehicles parked without a valid sticker will be towed at the owners expense.


Laundry Services  
MacGray laundry services offers a laundry app that allows you to check for machine availability before heading out the door!  Just go to  www.laundryview.com and select your building location.

As always, please be mindful of others and remove your laundry from the machines as soon as it's done. Also, it has been brought to my attention that many residents are allergic/sensitive to the dryer sheets such as Bounce, etc.which cause skin reactions.  If you use dryer sheets when drying your laundry please be sure to remove them with your laundry when the cycle is complete and clean the lint trap. 
Winter Farmer's Market

Wooster Square, Saturday's, 10am-1pm

Edgewood Park,
Every other Sunday
(1/6 & 1/20), 10am-1pm


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