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Lynn Greetings! our new rebranding: CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool, where you find answers to the pesky problem of bugs lodging themselves in the vanes of Silhouettes and other Hunter Douglas shadings. We strive to provide answers to protect your window shadings, your investment, your gorgeous views and your interior design concerns.We'll be addressing your blinds and blind cleaning issues at CamilyWand.

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Camily,LLC and Lynn Severson announce the NEW, rebranded website for our remarkable,
unique cleaning tool: CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool. In this newsletter we are including
FREE SHIPPING for your orders. Please see coupon below.

As we move into the cooler seasons of Fall and Winter in North America, we have so many options to use our window coverings to our advantage. Camily, LLC is located in Colorado Springs where we have extreme weather changes in short periods of time. It is October 11 today; we may have a thunderstorm on the front range and will have snow in the mountains tomorrow. Last week it was in the 80's midweek and bone chilling cold with freezing overnight temperatures on the weekend. These climate swings give us an excellent opportunity to use our window coverings to our advantage.

Our recent blog posts on our CamilyWand site explain these advantages in detail. The window shadings in your home can be a solar collector if used properly. The Silhouette shadings from Hunter Douglas are a good example. When they are raised up into the headrail, the sun will be harnessed in the room; even on winter days the heat radiated through the window is dramatic. When the blind is in the down open position, you will also get about 30-35% of the heat coming through the shading.  As the sun sets, you should have your blinds covering the glass to retain the days heat.  This concept also works with Pirouette, Luminette, Nantucket, Shangri-La and Illusions products. Other types of shadings give you various insulative values, but those listed above are the only ones that will give you insulation and a filtered view at the same time.

Keeping your shadings and blinds clean and in good shape will protect your investment in energy savings as you use them in your home. Anytime you have an opening in your home, there is energy loss. Walls and ceilings have R values to measure insulative quality. The larger the value, the better the insualtion. When we keep insulation in mind at our windows and doors, it is helpful to buy products that will enhance your energy level in your home. One of the most important concerns for Silhouettes is bugs and debris that lodge in between the vanes. That is why  we invented our CamilyWand Sticky Bug Removal Tool.

We have 2 videos on CamilyWand8 which show you how easily the wand works. The "As Seen on TV' video is at http://youtu.beGQ-3JSB9a . Our longer video is at , where Lynn gives a demonstration. We share ideas for use and care of your prestigious window shading products. We also show you some of the myriad of other uses for our visionary cleaning tool.

ShadeBright  is a vacuum attachment listed on our shop page. It works as a partner to our CamilyWand  to remove dust from the outsides of Silhouette shadings and other window covering treatments. These work as a team to keep your shadings in the best condition for long shading life.

We are offering FREE SHIPPING (approx $11.00 value) on your next Camily order of a wand of either size and additional tip. The code to get free shipping is Falling Leaves. (See coupon below). You enter the code: Falling Leaves in the box provided on the checkout page at the end of your order.

We strive to serve you with the preservation of your blinds and window shadings needs. We share our knowledge about the "blind" industry, both product knowledge and cleaning ideas that work with you as we move forward with our products that make your life simpler!

Please join us on your learning, decorating, and educating journey!
We have traveled to attend trade shows, and have advertised in various magazines to help people realize we are out there. Our internet visibility is growing steadily as there are many frustrated homeowners who do not know how to get the bugs out of their Silhouettes and other similar products. As we grow and move forward to share our business, we want to keep you in the loop and hear your ideas and thoughts about our Sticky Bug Removal Tool and general blind cleaning.

Lou Manfredini, the Ace Helpful Hardware Man, 'jokingly suggested a leaf blower' to get rid of the pesky varmints. His team visited our booth at the huge International Housewares Association Show in Chicago. He is a regular contributor on the TODAY show as well as the host of TV's House Smarts. Camily was featured on his WGN "Mr Fix It" show in the "New To Lou Too" segment. We are honored that he picked our CamilyWand out of the some 20,000 vendors at the IHA show to feature on his WGN greater Chicago popular radio show.
Sticky Bug Removal Tool is a combination of an extension pole and a very tacky tip, which will adhere to anything caught in the blind. It allows for easy bug & debris removal and saving your investment in your homes beauty and views. The CamilyTip will roll into the front of the vane, into the little "v" where the vane attaches to the sheer front of the "S" curve. It is flexible enough to remove particles caught there. Other larger bugs may be easy to grab, but difficult to reach. So the extension pole comes in very handy. CamilyWand is a simple solution to a difficult problem: inexpensive, safe and easy. We have several testimonials from thecustomers who have bought or used our blind cleaning tool on our website: CamilyWand.


Our tool makes a great gift for relatives or friends who have these types of shadings. Dealers often have them available in their stores or give them to their clients as a "Thank You" after installation. It makes them look like a hero in their clients eyes! If you have a large cleaning job, we offer the tips separately at our shop, in a package of 1 or a set of 3 CamilyTips. When people have a homeful of

Silhouettes, the task moves more effeciently if they can alternate tips. Our clients are grateful that we have brought CamilyWand to market. We are high up on Google searches, so are pleased that clients are able to locate us online. When pesky critters crawl in and die from the heat, and people cannot remove them, they are thrilled to be able to save their shading investment easily, safely, and effortlessly. They are preserving their beautiful view, protecting their investment, and are grateful for our tool.

The video mentioned above in the Launch section, the "As Seen on TV" infomercial, is a quick overview of our CamilyWandStickyBugRemovalTool in action.



The entire purpose of inventing, patenting and manufacturing CamilyWand is to provide people with an easy answer to a difficult cleaning need. We make your life easier, your home more beautiful, your investment better protected, and your view preserved and gorgeous. Your high quality window shading will look like new and your maintenance task will be easy. Clients marvel at the simplicity of our CamilyWand.  It is easy and safe to use on anything from delicate fabrics and garden pests to tough wood beams on ceilings.  


Clients have invested in a prestigious window shadings to allow great views, provide superior insulation while preserving their view, and providing a beautiful canvas for decorative window treatments. When they get bugs in their blinds they want to know How to Get Bugs out of Silhouettes. Our invention is their answer!  


We've worked for many years to bring our Sticky Bug Removal Tool to market. The WCMA -

Window Covering Manufacturers Association - awarded us their Best Technical Innovation

Award in 2010. Camily,LLC is very proud of that honor and distinction. It is a coveted recognition given by an esteemed panel of judges in the industry.


We know you'll agree that we've solved the bug removal problem for blinds. We have a special 

Falling Leaves offering of FREE SHIPPING ($11.00+)  with a CamilyWand & 1 CamilyTip purchase, until November 5, 2012. Details are in the box below~~~ 


We have special offerings for Dealers & Wholesalers. Contact or by phone at 719-598-1018.


Give our CamilyWand a try - you'll be pleasantly surprised!


Lynn Severson
Camily, LLC



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