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We hope you are enjoying your summer! Although our community forums and unit and discussion units are over until September, the work of the League continues.


Important business was conducted at our well-attended annual meeting on June 14:


Your Dues 

Individual memberships will go up $10 to $70. Couples can join for $105. The student rate is $35. Scholarships are available. There was a discussion of how long it has been since League dues were raised, how a substantial amount goes to support the work of State and National Leagues, and that our dues are comparable or lower than many community organizations.


You can pay your 2014-15 dues now on our website with PayPal or by mail to the League office, 328 East Carrillo Street, Suite A, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.


A mailing will be out soon for those whose membership renewal is due. 


New Officers

Elected to two-year terms on the board were: Jean Reiche (treasurer) and Amanda Pelch (secretary). Serving as directors for terms ending in 2015 are: Donna Cairns (office manager), Pat Shewczyk (water) and Jane Benefield (publicity).


Santa Barbara City Council Elections

LWVSB will conduct a local update study on the process of electing council members in the City of Santa Barbara. Included will be an examination of whether candidates should be elected by districts or at-large.


The scope of the study will be determined by a committee which is forming now. If you are interested in joining, call 965-2422 or fill out Interest Survey which will be mailed with membership renewals.  


By-laws Change

Instead of designating which League officers will be elected in even and odd years, the members approved a board recommendation that three officers will be elected in even years and three in odd numbered years.


The State of the League

Co-Presidents Susan Shank and Joanie Jones presented reports on what our local League has been doing during the past year, including nine community forums, candidate forums and voter information, the agricultural update study, advocacy against Measure M, and co-sponsorship of events with coalition partners.


State News

Beth Pitton-August, membership director of LWVC, reported on the State Leadership Council. She said State President Jennifer Waggoner resigned mid-term and will be replaced by Helen Hutchinson. A state committee has been formed to work on the LWVC public higher education study, which will include local League participation.


LWVUS Convention

Local delegates Linda Phillips, Bonnie Lassen and Susan Shank gave highlights of the recent national convention.  


Although there was a contest for president, Elisabeth MacNamara was re-elected by a 2-1 vote. The adopted ag position closely reflected the local consensus findings. Two important resolutions passed-one in favor of a price on carbon emissions as part of an overall plan to improve energy efficiency and the other in favor of restoring voting rights to felons who have been released from prison. A new position was adopted on human trafficking, which will apply to all League levels-local to international.



After the luncheon, members heard from Lori Gaskin, President of Santa Barbara City College, and Nancy Leffert, President of Antioch University in Santa Barbara, who discussed "Higher Education in Santa Barbara: What You 
Need to Know."



Our Work Continues 


The work of LWVSB is continuing. On June 28 the board and off-board chairs held a planning session to discuss topics for community forums and unit meetings. A joint meeting of incoming and outgoing board and off-board members will be held on July 12.


The next Channel Voter will be in early September, but we will keep you informed throughout the summer with these emailed messages. Please visit our website, which is frequently updated. And you can go to the websites of both LWVC and LWVUS to get the
latest action alerts and other information about the issues you care about.
Joanie Jones & Susan Shank  
League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara 

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