Special Edition Newsletter - January 2014
A Note From Kiya... All About Changing Lives
My passion over the past 10 years has been to see children with special needs progress and achieve groundbreaking milestones.  I genuinely enjoy my job and have made long standing bonds and connections with children and families.  I take pride in providing high-quality, comprehensive programs for children while also supporting families through their journey.  I am overjoyed to move into a new venture to be able to provide our community with a service that there is a desperate need for.  Please help to support this cause by spreading the word by sharing our newsletter, Facebook updates, and other updates with other people in your social network.  The more people we can reach, the more likely we will be able to have our therapeutic daycare come to fruition.  ~Kiya 
ASPB Therapy Pathways...Groundbreaking Changes


A Therapeutic Alternative to Daycare for Children with Autism   


ASPB Therapy Pathways is embarking on a new path to provide early childhood daycare and therapy to children on the Autism Spectrum.  As owner and operator, Kiya Olson desires to provide families the alternative to standard daycare and provide therapeutic daycare to children with ASD who would otherwise not thrive in the traditional daycare setting.  This center is for children from birth to five years of age who are diagnosed with or at risk for a developmental delay.   This can be a supplement to the school district preschool programs and early intervention or an alternative all day placement for working families.

All About Changing Lives...

Our vision is about changing the lives of children and families by providing individualized person-centered services to create an optimal environment for individuals and families impacted by developmental delays in a classroom. Providing a high quality therapeutic early intervention center being a leader in early intervention services.  We will accomplish our goal by providing working families with an alternative to traditional daycare.  We will provide therapy in our, care, and supervision by a staff who are specifically trained in the care and development of children with special needs.

Our Program
  • Individual instruction (ABA) principles
  • Opportunities to receive natural reinforcement and generalization of goals
  • Small peer groups
  • Opportunities for peer social engagement
  • Emphasis on dynamic thinking
  • Individualized goals
  • Independence & Problem solving
  • Speech, occupational, and developmental therapy principles
  • Family Involvement
  • Focus on functionality and generalization of all skills
Our Campaign .... 

We are in the process of launching a business expansion campaign to raise money to fund this necessary venture.  In order to accomplish this we are getting the word out via social media, video, flyer, and word of mouth advertising.  We would like you to view our material, including our video.  This will all be ready for viewing on Indiegogo in February 2014. Please go to: 

Facebook  www.facebook.com/aspbtherapypathways and 

Twitter https://twitter.com/autismsrvicepro 

for additional information that is available now and for information which will be available in the coming weeks.  

We need your help...

We need your help to create this ground breaking facility.  Please look on our Website: www.autismserviceprovider.com  for the business plan as well as visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Indiegogo.  

We are presently taking names for a waiting list for our facility.  Our goal is to be open in the Fall of 2014 and begin with 20 full time children and / or 10 full time and 20 part time.