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 Mansfield Feed Newsletter               April 2013
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Wild Bird Workshop
April 6, 2013  
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Pond Workshop
April 11, 2013  
6:30 pm - 6:30 pm

The Fish Truck is Coming
April 13, 2013 
8:30 am - 9:30 am

Low-Cost Vet Clinic
April 20, 2013 
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Be sure to check the event calendar on our website for future store events!
Wild Bird of the Month
Long-Eared Owl 
Photo by Sarah Miller
Pet Photo 
March Winner Charles Jenkins
Who doesn't love bragging on their favorite pet?

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April is full of fun-filled events at Mansfield Feed Mill! Don't miss great specials & speakers at our Wild Bird & Pond Workshops! Hear from Bob Lusk, "The Pond Boss", on April 11th and then come back for the Fish Truck on Saturday, April 13th! Please RSVP below. 
Congratulations to our facebook fan of the month, Betty A. Gonzales, and the Wild Bird Club Member of the month, Sarah Miller! Both win a FREE bag of feed! Another congrats goes to Charles Jenkins, his picture received the most votes in our Pet Photo Contest!  
Now is the time to prevent the flies from invading your cattle! Use Wind & Rain Fly Control Minerals before the flies arrive. Read more below for quick tips on defeating flies! 

Happy Spring, 
Mansfield Feed Mill
Wild Bird Workshop

We love our wild birds at Mansfield Feed! Join us for a Wild Bird Workshop on Saturday, April 6th from 1 pm-2 pm. Hear from Bob Wucher with Purina on feeding certain types of seed, using the right feeders and much more! Save 10% on all wild bird related products! Please RSVP below or call the store at 817.473.1137. Join our Wild Bird ...
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Pond Workshop

Thinking about building a pond? Want to know how to grow larger fish? Wondering what kind of environment you need to have a pond? Join Mansfield Feed Mill and Bob Lusk, Fishery Biologist and editor of Pond Boss magazine on Thursday, April 11th and learn about pond management, health, and growth. Don't miss out on great specials for Game  ...
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Quick Tips for Controlling Flies

Now is the time to map out your fly control program. Horn flies normally begin showing up in spring when average daily temperatures reach 65� F for a period of two weeks. They remain a nuisance until cool weather in late fall or early winter. Here are four quick tips to help you develop an integrated management program for controlling horn ...
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The Smart Pot- New Approach to Container Gardening

The patented Smart Pot is a soft-sided, fabric container that has the rigidity to hold its shape and can even support large trees. In fact, the Smart Pot was originally developed for and has been used by commercial tree growers for over twenty years. The Smart Pot is an aeration container. It has a unique ability to air-prune and enhance ...
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Enter to Win $500 and 480 Pounds of Layena Poultry Feed

Flock Friends, share your coop for a chance to win $500, 480 pounds of feed & more in the Purina� Coopitecture™ Contest! Purina's Coopitecture™ Contest puts the coop in architecture by rewarding poultry owners for their careful planning, creative ingenious and days of hard work to build their girls' coop. Just for entering, the first 500 participants will receive a FREE 40 ...
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Print Your $2 Backstage Pass Coupon

Purina is rolling out the red carpet for your tiny friends this year! With more than 100 years of testing nutrition for animals of all shapes and sizes, be certain that we know a furry or feathered celebrity when we see one. Your furry and feathered family members - including gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, mice, parakeets, cockatiels, and parrots...
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Save $10 on Purina Hydration Hay 
Purina� Hydration Hay™ is a premium blend of quality grass and alfalfa hay that has been compressed into a convenient, lightweight block. Simply drop the block into a bucket of water and it will quickly expand into about one flake of palatable, moist hay. 

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Offer Expires: April 30, 2013