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Lutheran Disaster Recovery in NJVOAD Member Spotlight
New Jersey Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NJVOAD) featured Lutheran Disaster Recovery in its Member Spotlight for its April 2016 newsletter.  Check it out.
Do we take for granted something as simple as a haircut and shave? We might not even realize what it means to those who don't have access to such luxuries. 

Thanks to Friends of Fairview Give Back, a non-profit organization that helps Camden's homeless, volunteer stylists gave New Visions patrons mini makeovers and a healthy dose of positive self esteem.

Pedro, age 61, was first in line looking for a haircut and to trim his beard. He was hoping to 'clean up' and make a good impression at a job interview. "They might not hire me 'cause I ain't got the proper clothes, but I figure if I look a little bit decent, I might get a chance." he shared, "All I need is a second chance. That's all I need."

LSMNJ Disaster Recovery Helps Families Turn the Key
On March 12th members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Red Bank, NJ, brought their willing hands and the first installment of a roughly $19,000 donation to a Hurricane Sandy-affected home in Keansburg, NJ. They volunteered through Habitat for Humanity of Monmouth County in a partnership arranged by LSMNJ Disaster Recovery. These funds were given to the congregation by the New Jersey Synod, ELCA and were also raised by members and their WELCA group. They turned to LSMNJ Disaster Recovery's Amy Pennenga for guidance on how to wisely spend the money entrusted to them.

"I met numerous times with Pastor Dean and their Council President, Curt, as well as their Church Council to explain the options. They decided to partner with Habitat for Humanity and give the entire amount to one family and get them home," says Pennenga. The donation is the last step in a long road of recovery for a family headed by a single woman caring for 5 other members of the family, including an elderly uncle and a disabled son. "Without this donation, this family would not be getting home. The extra special part is that the Holy Trinity folks were able to meet the family and assist in rebuilding the home themselves." The first volunteer day took place in March and they will revisit the home this coming weekend to continue work. They are working toward completing the home by June 30th.

Barbara Davey Contributes to 
Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Less
As we mentioned last month, LSMNJ has many talented employees -- a characteristic that lends to the overall dynamic of our organization. Another such gem is Barbara Davey. Barbara is the Director of Community Relations at Crane's Mill and she has an incredible knack for writing -- and sharing anecdotes. 

Though her primary job is advocating for seniors and their health continuum, The Seton Hall University graduate also enjoys putting her English degree to work by writing short stories and essays for inclusion in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

To date, she has had over 2 dozen submissions published in the book series, with her most recent one, Setting the Place, appearing in the latest edition - Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Less.  We've taken a peek at it and encourage you to check it out as it hits bookstores April 19th. Barbara uses her experiences from her job to shed light on aging, and respecting our elders as the wonderful individuals they are. Pre-order it today.


4/26 - Crane's Mill Spring Lecture Series  - 
Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community
 Emotional Considerations
5/08-5/14 - National Nursing Home Week
Financial Advisor Roundtable