March 2016 E-Newsletter          

A good dose of Spring can energize anyone. But what if you put that energy to work by helping others? Think of the many seniors or disabled community members that could use a little help sweeping their walkway, pulling weeds, or planting their perennials? Maybe they need some help moving furniture or organizing their home. Whatever the need, most are too proud to ask -- so SPRING INTO ACTION and get your whole family involved!! 

Start by calling your local senior center and asking if there are any community members that could use your volunteer assistance. Create a flyer with a list of things you are able to help with. Be sure to include your photo, some basic information about yourself, and feel free to list your church or community group affiliations. Even better, visit the center during its monthly meeting to personally introduce yourself.

Then watch the smiles BLOOM!
Happy Spring.

LSMNJ Leaders Work on Balance in Arizona

(L to R) Chad Murin, Wanda Cooper, Beth Sparling & Joe Claffey
Members of LSMNJ's leadership team traveled to Arizona last month to participate in Lutheran Services in America's Leadership Summit. The Summit gave Chad, Wanda, Beth, and Joe an opportunity to share best practices with over 50 social ministry leaders from more than 20 LSA member organizations. 

Through interactive sessions and panel discussions, they focused on ways to make their organizations stronger, and how to manage the balancing act of running a nonprofit while strategically planning innovate options for the future.

Wanda Jordan is Caught Singing & Misbehavin'

LSMNJ has many talented employees -- a characteristic that lends to the overall dynamic of our organization. One such gem, Wanda Jordan, works in the Human Resource department in Burlington, NJ.

Wanda recently put her life-long love of singing and performing to good use, appearing in Burlington County's Ain't Misbehavin', a tribute to black musicians credited with introducing a new beat that came to be known as "swing."