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June 16-17 Executive Briefing, use of certifications to close "Skills Gap"
Please mark your calendars and click here for Conference Registration for the Executive Briefing on June 17, 2015 entitled "Industry Certifications: Closing Manufacturing Skills Gap In Great Lakes Region."
The event is hosted by  President, Tom Snyder, of Ivy Tech Community College in collaboration with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Great Lakes Manufacturing Council and featuring MSSC and National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). Please note, there is no registration fee and click here for the final Executive Briefing program.
The goal is a cross-fertilization of ideas and best practices and from industry and policy leaders in the eight Great Lakes States to form a regional solution to the acute need for higher skilled technicians. MSSC encourages all members of the MSSC Community from the Great Lakes states to attend this influential Executive Briefing.
For further questions and hotel reservations, please contact Catherine Feeney, Community Outreach Manager at
May 28-29, Southwest Pathways, to help education/workforce system

The Southwest Pathways conference on May 28-29th promises to be a conference that will help move the Southwest to an education/workforce development system, including the use of industry recognized national certifications, that does a far better job of providing pathways out of poverty, and towards career success. Please click here for the Conference Agenda.

You can register for the conference - and sign up for a hotel room - by going to the GPI website: If you need help with registration, please contact Samantha Smith, on Bill's staff, at



Michigan Senate Oks STEM endorsement on high school diplomas
According to Craine's Detroit Business, high school students could be awarded a special endorsement on their diploma if they earn enough credits in science, technology, engineering and math under bills advancing in the Michigan Legislature.
"Michigan's economy is growing and creating jobs, yet many of these positions remain unfilled. In fact, there will be more than 250,000 STEM-related jobs in Michigan in the next two years," said Sen. John Proos, R-St. Joseph, who co-sponsored the legislation. "This initiative is the next step in ensuring Michigan students are prepared for success and to meet our growing skilled-workforce needs."


Proos said the measures are a follow-up to legislation approved last year that encourages schools to create programs giving credit toward college degrees or an industry-recognized professional certificate. Click here for the full Craines Detroit article.


This is a clear example of MSSC's most important goal, i.e. embedding MSSC courseware into for-credit curriculum at both high schools and community colleges.

WIOA draft rules embed industry standards and certifications

The U.S. Departments of Labor and Education released what they coined as the "next step in shaping a new generation of workforce and education strategies" with the release of the proposed rules implementing the Workforce Investment Opportunities that Congress passed last July with overwhelming bipartisan support.


According to the helpful reporting from the National Skills Coalition, the Departments posted five Notices of Proposed Rulemaking governing the implementation of WIOA which cover jointly administered activities, DOL-administered WIOA provisions, Adult Education and Family Literacy, and the Rehabilitation Act.


For the MSSC Community, we have completed an in-depth WIOA Rules Analysis of the 1,106 pages of DOL-administered activities related to credentialing, certifications, and standards.


Please click here for the full WIOA Regulations document.

manufacturingJOB TRENDS
To build an army of STEM workers, look to veterans

Thomas A. Kennedy, the chairman and CEO at Raytheon who served in the Air Force from 1977-83, attaining the rank of captain, has written a poignant piece in the National Council for Advanced Manufacturing newsletter, stating that, "while the U.S. job market has been gaining strength in recent months, there's one group of Americans who are still struggling to find work: veterans."


According to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment among post-9/11 veterans was 6.7 percent in February -- a full point higher than the population at large.  As a veteran himself, it's disheartening to see so many former service members struggle in their transition to civilian life. The problem is especially troubling given that these men and women are uniquely qualified to provide the kinds of skilled labor our economy sorely needs. In particular, the shortage of Americans with training in science, technology, engineering, and math has left many U.S. employers unable to find qualified workers. 

Please click here for the full Kennedy article.

With respect to veterans, MSSC has been delivering its Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) programs to logistics specialists in the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy since 2012 under the President's Military Credentialing Initiative. There are currently over 2,000 individuals who have earned certifications, and the program is continuing to grow.

California approves SCT as a discipline for the 112 CCs in state

Just this month, the California State Academic Senate, at its Spring Plenary session, approved Supply Chain Technology (SCT) as a discipline for the 112 community colleges in California. 


Since MSSC developed its CLA/CLT training and certification program for US DOL, under the heading of "supply chain logistics", this development will provide a welcome opportunity to imbed CLA/CLT courseware in CA community colleges. Also, this approval makes it far easier for community colleges in California to write CLA/CLT courseware into state and federal grant applications as part of a recognized career pathway. 


Please click here for the full text of the Final Resolution.




Goodwill, Dumpster Depot to offer job training for CLA/CLT recipients

According to a press release from the Aiken Standard, Goodwill's Aiken Job Connection and Dumpster Depot have initiated a five-week training program, which started with seven trainees identified through the SNAP2WORK program from the S.C. Department of Social Services.


The program will supply participants with credentials from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council as Certified Logistics Associates or Certified Logistics Technicians - both of which will increase the skill sets of job seekers.


Each trainee will spend 30 hours per week in a combination of classroom teaching and experiential learning opportunities through the partnership with Dumpster Depot. Participants will get training in warehousing and logistics at the company's recycling and logistics business divisions.


Please click here for the full Aiken Standard article. 


Henry Ford CC launches supply chain management degree program

Effective for the fall 2015 semester, Henry Ford College will launch a new associate degree program in supply chain management and a new SCM technician certificate through its business and computer technology division.


 In addition to offering an associate degree in SCM and a new 31-credit hour SCM technician certificate, students will have the opportunity to prepare for two nationally recognized credentials through the Manufacturers Skill Standards Council: the Certified Logistics Associate and Certified Logistics Technician certifications. The MSSC certifications focus on the core skills and knowledge required by the nation's front-line production and material handling workers, based upon industry-defined and federally endorsed national standards.


Please click here for the Press&Guide article. 


Gadsden re-entry center inmates benefit from TCC job training

According to a press release from Tallahassee Community College (TCC), "The Florida Department of Corrections and TCC are celebrating the success of the industrial machine repair program, which allows students to learn in-demand job skills and earn several valuable industry certifications, including the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council's Certified Production Technician credential.


The Gadsden Re-Entry Center is the only State of Florida prison that provides an industrial machine repair program that includes the MSSC-CPT. Many manufacturers give preferential consideration to applicants who hold the nationally recognized MSSC-CPT credential. To earn it, trainees must pass four modules: Safety, Quality Practices and Measurement, Manufacturing Production and Processes, and Maintenance Awareness.

The Gadsden Re-Entry Center's pass rate on the series of four CPT exams is a robust 75 percent, according to TCC's Marc Dick, who teaches the program. Dick believes the program offers inmates an opportunity to get a new start or turn their lives around.


Please click here for the full TCC Press release.


OH Manufacturers coalition to offer CPT for high school students

The Mahoning County Career and Technical Center (MCCT) offers both a high-school precision machining program and an adult precision machining program.


MCCTC will offer the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council course that allows students to become certified production technicians in six weeks. MCCTC anticipates this course will be initiated in the fall.


Please click here for the full article.


EMITT students pass MSSC safety while enjoying interactive multimedia


Charles Kluzak, Manufacturing teacher and CTE Business Laision-EMITT Academy in Rockford, IL sent a congratulatory note about 9 students that have recently completed and passed the MSSC Safety Certification.


Mr. Kluzak shared the following about the pilot. "MSSC offers online courses that simulate factory processes and equipment using interactive multimedia and virtual simulation instruction.  The students have agreed unanimously that this program. along with our machine shop classes, is an awesome tool, and kept their interest from start to finish. They all said they would like to continue and earn all 5 of the certifications that are available.


This was our pilot year for our advanced students and it has been proven to be successful at all levels.  Our scores were higher that than the state and National levels.  I can forward a copy of our results if needed. I am going to suggest we use this again next year and offer all of the certifications to our students next year. Thank again for all of your support this year and please congratulate our students when you see them in the hallway."


What makes this especially informative to the MSSC community is his statement about the enjoyment that the students derived from the eLearning provided by Amatrol. The Amatrol e-learning really does a commendable job of putting students into an actual factory environment virtually, thus enabling the accelerated diffusion of tech courses. 


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