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It's March and finally SPRING!!!!  This was such a brutal winter for everyone across the country that spring cannot come soon enough for most of us.  With spring comes a rejuvenated interest in getting out there and networking to make new contacts, reacquaint yourself with colleagues and get the word out about your business.  We have some tips on networking that may be able to help - just think of these time-tested sayings and let them be your guide.  In the tip category, we offer Nozbe, a task management application to help get you and keep you organized.



Happy Spring!


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Networking Tips from Surprising Sources

Business networking isn't new; any place where people gathered to exchange ideas and contact information, get to know each other and transact business with each other were all precursors.  Think of the Agoras of the ancient Greeks, Stonehenge, the salons of Paris at the time of the Revolution, the Continental Congress of our own history; these are all examples of how our ancestors 'networked'.  Before Social Media, texting and yes, even email and the invention of the telephone (!), our ancestors grappled with how to improve their social lives, forge beneficial connections, and strengthen their reputations.


Cyber Quick Tip - Nozbe

This task-management system provides a simple user interface

and is extremely intuitive. Nozbe lets small-business owners keep track of what they've delegated and what they've assigned to themselves. It's available on both Android and iOS devices, and you can e-mail it tasks to add. The app also integrates with Evernote and Dropbox. Use Nozbe on any platform. With anyone you want. Always in sync.


All the modern browsers like Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera are supported and the app is available on most smartphone devices.


Nozbe's native apps work offline without an Internet connection thanks to the power of HTML5. Keep getting things done even when there's no Internet connection.


Their native applications for Mac and Windows have been specially designed to shine on these platforms. Manage your projects offline and drag and drop files to upload them to cloud.


Specially tailored mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android (Blackberry and Windows phone coming soon!) help you take your tasks and projects with you. In your pocket.


Check it out at:

Cybertary Pittsburgh

1525 Park Manor Boulevard

Suite 266

Pittsburgh, PA 15205