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What Would You do if You Won the Lottery?

Imagine for a moment that you receive notice that you have just won the lottery. Imagine that this is not a prank by a friend, but notification from a stranger with an impressive sounding name backed by a title and address that gives credibility. This news must come as quite a shock. In a short time hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe even millions, will be at your disposal. It is met with disbelief until the news really sinks in.


What do you do next? You are reassured that you just need to follow a few simple directions. You need to sign and return your claim form and then your fortune will be sent to you. Oh, and there is one small problem. Since you are not a resident of the country where the lottery is sponsored, you need to pay the taxes due on the winnings. Minor inconvenience! You think, I'll just take the money out of my bank account and send it to them. After all, I have millions now. I'm rich. Think of the possibilities...


Only later are you hit right between the eyes by a huge dose of reality. After you send your claim form followed by your taxes, you do not hear from the Lotto Promotions manager again. Or even worse, you do. Another "small" problem. Now he needs more money (Advance Fee Scam). It takes a strong person with two feet securely planted on the ground to resist such a scheme. If you receive such a solicitation letter, call Cadfael for help immediately.


The notification may come in the form of a letter with an impressive letterhead:

De Lotto Netherlands

41132 NL-1007 DB Amsterdam


From: The Desk of the Promotions Manager

International Promotions/Prize Award Department

AB96532 and Batch No: 57/1088/IBA


RE: Award Notification,


We are pleased to inform you of the announcement today, 26 April, 2013 of winners...Read More  


Help from the Commerce Commissioner


According to Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman, "Financial Fraud against the elderly may be the fastest growing white collar crime in America." Fifty years ago those 65 and older made up the poorest segment of our society. Now it's the richest.

As P.T. Barnum once said, there is a sucker born every minute...and two to take him. Today our seniors have earned their wealth and security through hard work and a growing economy. Their success is now in the form of personal retirement holdings (IRAs), government retirement programs (Social Security) and being successful in business. This is boosted by a Medicare program that prevents the elderly from having to spend all of their savings on health care. Remember the days when seniors had to choose between medicine or food?

Rothman said, "Seniors control about 70% of the nation's wealth...and the scam artists know it." A 2010 survey conducted by the Investor Protection Trust showed that one in five Americans over 65
... Read More


 April 2013
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What Would You do if You Won the Lottery?
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