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Thomas M. Rucke, President
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The Grandma Scams

Dozens of scams that target the elderly, and new ones emerge every day, costing the elderly millions of dollars in funds and emotional distress. Con artists are good at what is called the "personality sell." This means they appear friendly, sympathetic, honest and willing to listen to and spend time with their targets.


Sometimes they use fear tactics, such as convincing older homeowners that their roof will collapse if the contract to fix it is not signed immediately. Another fear tactic is perfected in the Granny Scam. In this scam a telephone call is received late in the night. The caller's voice is desperate, sounding scared and sometimes sobbing. He is panicked and begging for help. The caller represents himself as a grandchild claiming to be in a jail some place often a foreign country. The grandchild says he is being held for drunken driving, or a car accident and is in need of money that must be wired immediately so that he can post bail or be required to remain in jail for a sustained period of time. Of course, the grandmother will do all she can to help her grandson.


The caller only calls the victim "Grandma" and relies on...Read More  


How to Keep Seniors Safe from Scammers


Why are seniors targeted by fraud scams? Because there are a lot of them, and many seniors have money and are trusting, making them easy targets for fraudsters. If these schemes did not result in profits, no one would use them.


A few months ago I received a call from a friend who reported that his elderly mother had fallen victim to a scheme pitched by a fraud artist.  He related how a significant amount of his mother's savings was taken by an unscrupulous telemarketer.  What kind of a person would target the elderly, he asked?


Those of us in the industry of caring, protecting, and defending need to know why seniors are targeted and be able to recognize the warning signs are that a senior may be a victim. After all, our senior citizens are vulnerable and one bad decision can seriously jeopardize their financial well-being and subsequently their physical health as well. If you care for a senior, this newsletter article is meant for you.


Why are senior citizens targeted by fraud scams?

Seniors are targeted for a number of reasons. First, many older Americans are...
Read More


 March 2013
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