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In this edition we have provided you information on Workplace Shootings and 5 Proactive Tips to Help Prevent Violence in Your Business.


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Thomas M. Rucke, President
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Workplace Shootings

Workplace violence has reached epidemic proportions, according to the Department of Justice. On average three to four supervisors are killed each month in the United States. Just this week a 70 year-old man opened fire in a Phoenix, AZ law office, killing at least one and wounding two others. Sadly, this event is not unique. Minneapolis is still reeling from an incident last fall when a terminated employee retrieved a gun from his car and returned inside his former place of employment to fatally shoot five people and injure three others before killing himself. One of those killed was the UPS delivery person.


Many refer to this act of killing coworkers as "going postal". This term came into our vocabulary sometime after August 20, 1986, when postal employee Patrick Henry Sherill entered the Edmond Oklahoma Post office and shot two of his supervisors, then continued with his rampage, ultimately killing 14 coworkers and wounding seven others. After that he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. This began a noticeable increase of workplace violence in a variety of industries and businesses.   


I first encountered a workplace shooting in 1971. On a warm sunny day, as employees exited the Los Angeles Post Office, a man walked from the direction of the employee parking lot and shot another man multiple times with an extremely large barrel pistol. As the victim fell and the ambulance was called, the assailant ran to the street and caught a bus that carried him home in a second-tier suburb. When the assailant arrived home, he set his house on fire and killed himself with the same gun.


How and why did this happen? Investigation revealed that...Read More  


5 Proactive Tips to Help Prevent Violence in Your Business


Workplace violence is prevalent in our world. It is preventable and can be minimized through proactive planning and preparation of strategies and tactics proven to reduce violence. Employers have a moral duty to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Although the probability of physical violence occurring at your place of business is relatively low, the effect of workplace violence can be devastating and could destroy your business, as workplace violence deeply affects the emotional stability and productivity of employees.


Most of those who perpetrate workplace violence are employees or former employees. Before another employee is fired, contact a private investigator or consultant who has experience in this field. He or she can work with your attorney to strategize with you how to minimize the tension and deescalate the situation to prevent as much as possible the motivation for, and the opportunity to engage in, some type of retaliation.


Click here for 5 proactive tips to help prevent violence in your business


 February 2013
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Workplace Shootings
5 Proactive Tips to Help Prevent Violence in Your Business
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"Power and violence are opposites; where the one rules absolutely, the other is absent. Violence appears where power is in jeopardy..., but left to its own course it ends in power's disappearance."


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