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In this edition we have provided you information on How Mistakes are Made with Search Warrants and The Common Denominator Between Attorneys and Private Investigators.


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Thomas M. Rucke, President
Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc.

Search Warrants: Mistakes Are Made

The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution concerns the right of the people to be secure in their person, house, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. All citizens are protected against searches and seizures not carried out according to law. This is one of our most sacred and long held tenants of our constitution; the agreement by which each of us live with one another. The purpose of this article is to identify those searches where law enforcement goes astray from the principle of this amendment.   


Recently, Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. investigators have had the opportunity and duty to review search warrants in the metropolitan area. Our agents are knowledgeable about how search warrants should be served and experienced in searching for evidence to prove who was involved in illegal activity and giving accurate assessments of the scope of the criminal activity. We have written and served scores of search warrants. What we found is disturbing and contrary to the objective of many a police department's motto of "protect and serve."


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The Common Denominator Between Attorneys and Private Investigators


Attorneys and Private Investigators have an important common denominator: their clients. Our mutual clients give us feedback as to how they view our respective services. At Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc. we strive to provide all our clients with valuable services. We value client feedback as a resource we can use to improve the delivery of our investigative services. One issue is consistently present in our clients' feedback and their perspective: "What can I do to make my attorney feel more involved in my case? How can I get him or her to be more aggressive or more committed to my case?"


Many clients express the frustration that the attorney does not seem to be committed to the case. Sure, they make the proper filings and arguments, etc., but the passion clients expect many times is simply not there. Clients tell us, "I want him (or her) to represent me as if he were going to suffer the same heart break and financial loss or was going to jail if the case was lost." Too often the clients come away disappointed and with the impression that their attorney has simply made a donation to their case.


Let's look at this from an attorney's perspective. Attorneys are often given... Read More


 January 2013
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Search Warrants: Mistakes Are Made
The Common Denominator Between Attorneys and Private Investigators
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