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In this edition we have written about What a Private Investigator Can Do for You and The First Step.


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Thomas M. Rucke, President
Cadfael Investigative Group, Inc.

Looking for a Private Investigator? 

We're here to help.


Many times when people are faced with what they believe may be a legal problem they are unsure how to proceed. Cadfael Investigative Group is here for you. We can help you figure out if you need a lawyer and how best to proceed to find a good one.


We can help guide you through your dilemma to answer important questions like:

  • What should I do immediately?
  • Is it really a legal problem?
  • Should I call a lawyer?
  • How can you find a lawyer who can help you with your specific type of problem?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Are there any other considerations I should know about?

Cadfael Investigative Group provides a free one hour consultation where we can listen to your problem and give you some advice how to best get the proper representation you need to defend yourself. The first thing you may want to do is to

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The First Step


When you are accused of a crime what is the first thing you should do? If you have been accused of wrong doing at work that could threaten your job what should you do? When you receive notice that you are being sued in civil court, what should you do? Any time you are the focus of criminal, civil or administration action you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. But he or she is going to ask you to tell the facts of the case as you know them. A good attorney will want to know what the evidence is that led authorities to believe that you are responsible.


I would suggest the first step is to have an experienced investigator review the facts normally developed in an investigation of some kind that serve as the basis or foundation of the allegations made against you. He or she should obtain a copy of the report of investigation (if there is one) and thoroughly analyze it. He should have a detailed interview with you, his client, to offer insight as to what happened and your involvement. He must conduct a detailed investigation from the moment the incident was reported, to the response, investigation at the scene of the incident, identification and interview of witnesses, and conclusions. Why is this important? Why should this be done immediately?


It must be done immediately because the case is still new and it isn't getting any newer. Evidence that has been


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 October 2012
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