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End of Summer - School's back in!  Back to school nights, fall sports, family vacations, after school programs, sleep overs, work, laundry, grocery shopping, yard work (minus the watering), errands, vacuuming... WAIT.


Where is our time with Our Father?  

Campus Life M at the Fresno Grizzlies Game!
Main Idea: Want to Hear from God?


MARCH 4, 2015


Deadlines. Relational drama. Global injustice. Multiple jobs. Financial stress.


Life is relentlessly difficult and moves insanely fast. The world is changing and evolving every moment and the pressure to keep up, stay current and get ahead can be all consuming.


Can I hear God's voice above all the noise?


One of the most significant challenges of our rapid culture is the sense of urgency it creates.


Urgency is good for getting things done. A healthy sense of urgency helps us to be focused and productive.


Urgency, however, is less suited for reflection and rest. In many ways, it is at odds with waiting on the Lord, seeking God in silence and solitude, and meditating on Scripture. Urgency has a powerful magnetic pull that can keep us from hearing God.


Lately, I've been wrestling with why it's often so hard to hear from God. Should we even pray if He already knows everything? Can we really connect with Him and receive clear guidance from the Holy Spirit?

In 1 Kings, Elijah heard from God.


When prayer is born of urgency, we're dictating the questions God needs to answer rather than listening for the counsel He wants to give.

Elijah was coming off of a busy day,...

Hello Friends,

Once again, summer flew by, and I can't believe school is here.

I guess part of it is the shorter summer; back in my day, summer was a full three months long, but nowadays it is closer to a two-month break.  My own kids were back in school on August 13th; many others have just begun.  No two kids look at school the same - for some it is exciting to start a new year, and for others the new year brings dread.  To support our kids, we have events and clubs starting up.  The next big event we have is our Campus Life 5K Fun Run on Sunday, Sept. 20th.  Be sure to join us as a sponsor or participant!  Then on Sept. 23rd it's the "See You at the Pole" prayer event at almost every campus in the area.

Our students, and our schools, need prayer and support. Thanks for being part of supplying their needs!

In Faith,
Ed Kaczmarek 
Executive Director 

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Every month our chapter sends out a paper newsletter with completely different articles, YFC news updates and shares stories of lives changed through the involvement of our ministry leaders and their sharing of Christ's love. 

FOOD for thought... 

Psalm 119:114
You're my place of quiet retreat; I wait for Your Word to renew me.


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