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Holy Smokes!! Just three weeks left till Summer Share begins!  On Wednesday, June 1st, we'll be heading out to the first Summer Stops of the Season to deliver your shares.

The first few weeks of summer are beautiful and green: expect to see some asparagus, lettuces, kale, collards, maybe kohlrabi and broccoli. There may also be some pops of pink and red: strawberries, radishes and rhubarb will be ready right around then, too! 

If you've already signed up: great! We'll be sending out some more reminders and information over the coming weeks to help you get ready for summer.

If you still have to sign up: there's still room! Click below for more details and the link to join. 

Large Vegetarian: Week 1 Summer Share 2015

Large Omnivore: Week 1 Summer Share 201

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"3 Parts to Every Seed"

"3 Share Options: Omnivore, Vegetarian & Vegan"

"3 Upcoming 2016 Events" 

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See you at the stops!

- Your Fresh Fork Market Team

3 Parts to Every Seed  

The bran, endosperm and germ all have important contributions to make to the seed. Why then are they often split and some parts removed to make flour? Because commercial flour producers have different needs and goals than we do-- shelf-stability, storage, and shipping to be precise. Our needs and goals? Healthy, tasty, and sustainable. Click here to read more about our grains and flours. 

3 Share Options: Omnivore, Vegetarian & Vegan 

1) Omnivore
  • Omnivore Share subscribers get a little bit of everything: the freshest fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, eggs, dairy, grains and value added products (like salsa or pasta.) Almost every single week you'll get at least one meat, but a few times over the course of the summer all of the bags will be vegetarian. 
  • Omnivore Shares are available in two sizes: Small (bright green bag) or Large (dark brown bag), and you can upgrade your subscription for the Full Access Add On Plan. By purchasing your credits ahead of time, you get more value to spend over the course of the share: $550 ahead of time gets you $660 in value! More details on our Pricing page

2) Vegetarian
  • The Vegetarian Share subscribers will get a bag each week filled with fruits, veggies, herbs, dairy, eggs, value added products (salsa, tomato sauce, breads), grains and legumes (beans, oats, cornmeal, flour), but no meats. Many of our subscribers who get the Vegetarian Share are actually not vegetarian, but prefer to get all the veggies and place a Special Order for the meats they want. 
  • The Vegetarian Share comes in a Small or Large size (both in an orange bag) and can be upgraded to the Full Access Add On Plan ($550 ahead of time gets you $660 in credit value to spend over the course of the season.) 

3) Vegan
  • The Vegan Share subscribers will receive vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains (oats, flours, spelt berries, cornmeal), dried beans, and occasionally vegan value added items (tomato sauce, apple cider, maple syrup.) There are no animal-sourced products in the Vegan Share. Occasionally, we might offer a product that contains honey, but for Honey-Free vegans we will always have an alternate substitution option.
  • Like our Vegetarian Share, many of our Vegan Subscribers do not keep strictly vegan but prefer to have the most fresh produce as possible and supplement what comes in their shares by placing a Special Order purchase. 
  • The Vegan Share comes in a Small Size only (khaki bag), however you can upgrade to the Full Access Add On Plan ($550 ahead of time gets you $660 in credit value to spend over the course of the season.)

3 Upcoming 2016 Events
Save-the-date for these great events!  


The first class of the 2016 Summer Season is our annual, hands-on cooking class where Chef Parker Bosley along with the Fresh Fork Market staff will show us how to properly cut up and cook a whole chicken. Bring your own knives and cutting board, we'll provide the birds!


Registration open soon-- check our Events Calendar online and save the date!



Chef Adam Lambert will be firing up the grills at Market Garden Brewery on Monday, June 27th out on the patio and will be showing us the ropes on how to cook with fire. Burgers, chicken, brats and vegetables-- we'll cover and sample it all and enjoy some delicious craft beers on the side!


Registration open soon-- check our Events Calendar online and save the date!


The Raw Trainer, Marisa DiCenso-Pelser, will be joining us on Monday, July 25th for our annual Vegan & Raw Foods Basics class. If you've ever been curious about how to incorporate more living, raw and vegan meals into your weekly rotation, this is the class for you! We'll be going over essential techniques, important tools, and of course, sampling lots of delicious raw and vegan foods. 


Registration open soon: check our Events Calendar online and save the date! 

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