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There are just 6 weeks left till the Summer Share begins!  

Once June arrives, we'll have twenty-two weeks of bags bursting with the best produce, meats, cheeses and grains that Northeast Ohio can grow.  

Here are some more lists of 6 to check out!

"6 Reproductive Stages of Corn"

"6 Easy-to-Grow Veggies"

"6 Great Food & Agriculture Books"

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6 Reproductive Stages of Corn 

It might seem dry, but field corn is the most widely grown plant in the US. As you can probably imagine, we do it a little differently from 99% of the rest of the growers out there. Click here to read more. 

6 Easy-to-Grow Veggies

1) Carrots
  • Carrots grow well in containers are really fun for kids to harvest. All they require is a little judicious thinning to make sure they have enough room to grow straight. Rodale's Guide to Growing Carrots. 
2) Lettuce
  • Lettuces require very little maintenance, have shallow root systems, and they don't want a lot of heat or light. Really easy to grow straight from seed outdoors in the ground or in containers. Rodale's Lettuce Growing Guide. 

3) Tomatoes
  • Cherries, grapes, beefsteak, and "Mortgage Lifters"-- so many varieties and so satisfying to just go out back and clip some for dinner. How Do Gardener's Guide to Growing Tomatoes (P.S. start your seeds indoors this week, or buy seedlings after the first frost.)
4) Radishes
  • Similar to carrots, kids will get a kick out of pulling up the bright pink and white bulbs from the ground when they're ready to harvest! Perfect in early spring and fall. French Breakfast Radishes Growing Guide. 

5) Green Beans

6) Cucumbers
  • Pickling, stacked on sandwiches, or laid on sunburned cheeks-- these versatile and easy-to-grow vegetables have lots of different varieties, uses and are easy enough for first time gardeners. Bonnie Plant's Guide to Growing Cukes. 

6 Great Food & Agriculture Books 
Vicki Robin's personal and poignant story of spending a year eating a hyper-local diet, becoming invested in her neighbor-farmers and discovering the reality and potential of our current food system. 

Douglas Gayeton's beautiful coffee table book shares stories from farmers-- putting names and tales to the different faces of the people who grow our food.

Award-winning writer Michael Pollan dives deep into the four elements of cooking-- earth, fire, water and air-- in an effort to get back in touch with the most elemental human skill. 

Part encyclopedia, part cookbook, Deborah Madison's Vegetable Literacy is a primer on all things veggie. A seriously helpful handbook for the Summer Share!

Jeanne Nolan (creator of the Edible Garden at the Lincoln Park Zoo) shares her personal story and commitment to food education. We follow her from a rebellious teen through 18 years living on a communal, organic farm, to moving back to her hometown to heal and teach the power of growing food. 

Cleveland native Kristin Ohlson's important and fascinating story of the relationship between the health of our soil and the health of our food (and thus, us!) and the people who are trying to fix it. 

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