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There are just 7 weeks left till the Summer Share begins! 

Starting Wednesday, June 1st we will be serving up our first shares of the best produce, meats, cheeses and grains that Northeast Ohio can grow.  

There are still shares left, but we will close registration when we run out. 

Along with 7 weeks left, we've got some other lists of 7's below to check out:  

"7 Months to Raise a Hog"

"7 Essential Kitchen Tools for a CSA member"

"7 of Our Favorite Recipe and Food Blogs"

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See you at the stops!

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7 Months to Raise a Hog 

A good life for a hog is outside, where they can root around, get exercise and you know, act like pigs. Click here to read more about our pasture-raised practices. 

7 Essential Tools for CSA Members

1) An awesome blender
  • We can't recommend Vitamix Blenders enough. They are well worth their hefty price tag, and their company is based right here in Cleveland (and Sur La Table is having a sale on them right now.) In case that's not in the cards, a good food processor and an immersion blender are really helpful for almost all from-scratch recipes.
2) A food mill
  • A Food Mill is Chef Parker's absolutely favorite kitchen utensil. It's basically a grinder with a metal screen attached, and it is THE way to make fantastic tomato sauces and thickened soups at home. We use it for everything from apple sauce to tomato soup to hummus.   
3) Peelers, Graters & Spiralizers
  • You are going to see a lot of vegetables in your share, even in the omnivore package, and it's really helpful to have some little tools to help you prepare them for raw salads and slaws. This trio of Swiss peelers is awesome-- julienne (tiny matchsticks), a traditional peeler and a serrated peeler for delicate fruits and veggies. A grater blade insert on your food processor also makes super quick work of kale, cabbage and carrots for a slaw. 
  • Especially if you eat a plant-based diet, a spiralizer is so much fun. Turn vegetables (parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and so many more things) into fun and healthy noodles! Check out Inspiralized-- a blog devoted entirely to spiralized recipes.
4) A salad spinner
  • As soon as you get home with your bag, take everything out on the counter and wash and dry your produce. The greens-- especially tender greens like lettuce, spinach, ramps-- should be washed and dried right away and enjoy within the first few days. A large salad spinner is really helpful-- wash, drain, and spin them dry. To refresh slightly wilting greens, add them to the salad spinner with some icy water for a few minutes to refresh. 
5) A few great knives 
  • If you only want one knife, get an 8" chef's knife and sharpen it regularly.
  • If you want two knives, also get a small paring knife. Now you stop using the flimsy steak knives in that cheap block set you bought in college when you need a piece of cheese.
  • If you want three knives, get a serrated knife for tomatoes, fruits and bread. 
  • If you want four knives, get a Japanese cleaver-style nakiri knife for heavy veggie chopping. 
  • Or, you can just get a set with all these and more. Global is one of our favorite higher-end brands. You can also find budget-friendly sets online, but rather than getting twenty knives in a block, spend the same budget on just a few essential knives that you love. 
6) An enameled Dutch oven  
  • You might just want to keep this big old pot out on the stovetop for weekly meal prep. They're oven safe, stove top safe, and beautiful enough to go straight to the table for serving. Get at least a 4.5 quart size, but if you have room for it and a lot of people to feed, a 6 quart is really useful. 
  • If you have a very busy evening schedule full of pick ups, soccer practice and commutes, you might love owning a slow-cooker or an InstaPot. The technology has come a long way in recent years, complete with digital timers and various heat settings.

7) A Food Saver 
  • We know you don't want to throw any perfectly edible food away, so one of the best and easiest ways to preserve it is to freeze! A Food Saver vacuum seals your meats, cheeses, fruits, blanched veggies, etc in plastic for longer, safer storage in the freezer. Label your bags with date, item and reheating instructions if any.   

7 Of Our Favorite Food & Recipe Blogs 
The creators of Food 52 believe that the best cooks are home cooks, so they have crowd-sourced incredible recipes and crowd-tested them. They have a few published cookbooks (that are all wonderful), an online shop, and weekly digests with what they're cooking now. 

Have a question about anything--literally anything-- food related? Head to the experts at The Kitchn for all things about food storage, the difference between different types of peas, and why to remove tomato skins before cooking. Tons of great recipes, too. 

Heidi Swanson's award-winning blog featuring delicious all-vegetarian recipes and drool-worthy photography. 

Creative and inspiring new recipes published all the time-- everything from butternut squash and black bean quesadillas to the perfect chicken noodle soup. 

Vegan recipes from this creative mountain girl out west. Beautiful photos and tasty baked goods. Other great plant-based diet blogs are Oh She Glows, Dolly & Oatmeal and My New Roots

The writer of "My Paris Kitchen" this chef has a flair for the written word, and his recipes are all based in sound, professional technique. 

The founders of America's Test Kitchen really know their stuff, and have decades of recipes online. You do have to pay for membership, but we've found it's worth it to have access to all their know-how. 

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We also post our own original recipes every week on our website, tailored to exactly what's coming in your share each week. Click here to see the collection!

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